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october ends

I will post nail art soon but for tonight I need to sleep and recover from live so I can destroy everything with NaNoWriMo and daily blog posts for November. I have a friend who is going to write half of a story and i will write the other half. aimong for 25000 words and already regretting the decision. My classes are so difficult and my social life is holding onto a thin string. I barely sleep and everything is falling apart somehow this should soon all get better.

Happy Halloween and I will be writing soon and often.

comm 937


This is an opinion based piece so I am just going to quickly rant my thoughts.


I am the kind of person that is reluctant to technology. I have an iphone 4s and wish i had the dumb phone most days. The biggest reason I do not go back (that are for me and not for the appeal of others) is snapchat. As far as social media goes I have a facebook, twitter, pintrest and snap. I only use Snap and FB, I also do not have the facebook app on my phone meaning if on the go to check facebook I have to go through safari meaning most of the time I did not need it. Switching away from the biggest social media influence in my life has been liberating but I still feel tied down.

Snap chat is different. to me it is fast fun and like being a witty artist. I laugh and love and have fun with snap chat. I will not always feel that way but for now (and the last 10 months) I have enjoyed this app. I am bringing this up because a friend told me I snap too much which threw me off. I send a few a day but they only go to the top 7 and my recent list most of the time. Meaning that the majority of my “snap friends” only get my story and about one snap a month.

If you want to really hurt my feelings unfriend me on snap chat. that is the equivalent to burning the thing I most love. I know it is late and I am being dramatic but I wanted to post something and this has been a topic on my mind recently.

How often do you guys snap? are there other apps that you like better?

win win

I have not been very active in writing of any kind other than academic papers. I apologize for taking two weeks with no written words. I needed the break to deal with my life, the facets that I did not want to share so decided to omit. I have the first exam of my junior year today and after doing a once over review this morning do not feel prepared. I have been trying to hang out with people and choose happyness when the option presents it’s self

that brings me into this weeks thought from Thursday.

Win win situations.

Back about seven years ago I read this self help book for starting high school. The 7 habits of an effective teen. There are 7 habit books for everything but this was the appropriate one for me at the time. The book goes over priorities and time management and how to deal with stress ect. As time marches on and that book becomes more and more of a distant memory I have to think how much did it help me?

I did very well in high school, I do okay in college but my recent attitude of the last few very fast past months has not been up to par. I have felt sad and down and there is a inner need for me to take on as much self blame as I can bare. I have seeked help and go to a weekly therapist but I would love to see her more. I have such a full schedule that to find an hour of available time to be with a friend is nearly impossible. There was a chapter in the 7 habit book about win win situations which has recently resonated with me. I have been choosing people and things as I choose fit at the moment and then later feel like there would have been a better way to handle things. Most of my actions seem to turn out win loose or loose loose. I do not want to elaborate because that would defeat the purpose of skipping two weeks of writing.

I have a few very good friends that care for me and even when I do not pick the best cource of action are there for me. There are people I am trying to mend things with and there are toxic people that need to be cut from my life all together. If something more positive than the sum of the negative to get to that point occurs; was it all worth it? (I like to think so.)

So now I have a map in my room on the wall of my room and a poster to help me remember to choose happiness when i can.

IMG_1751When I am sad I am sad… but when I’m happy oh god I’m happy

I also got to mini golf with my amazing friend Chrissy and there was this light house so i took a pic in the life is strange mindset.


Nothing is black and white, I can not keep being so hard on myself. Till next week (I think) Try to do what is right own you decisions and keep moving forward.