Best time for bad news

I have always been a morning person so for me i have never much appreciated receiving bad news bright and early in the morning. But even worse is receiving bad news minutes before going to sleep. I will stay up and wallow in my sadness because I refuse to go to sleep in a bad mood.

This morning I woke up to some unpleasant news that didn’t really surprise me as much as I would like to say it had. I do not want to go into specifics because that could make my whole situation worse.

I am a nice person or at least I keep insisting to the little voice in my head that I am. I went through a year that was not easy for me but it was not easy for anyone I knew. I want to start over and be a better Rachel which I have been trying to do, I reach out to people I care about in hopes that they would do the same. I work full time do not smoke or drink or do anything illegal. I sleep at least few hours a night and read books to better myself. I have gotten over so much the petty stuff that was unhealthy to hold onto. My music preference is no longer top 40. I still may not love myself but I do make choices that I strongly stand by at the tie so I can justify all my actions in the future. I am a confident individual and that is not something most people my age can say.

If I have to break bad news to a person I think mid day (after lunch) would be the best time. That way for the morning people they have already gotten through the productive time of day and for the night owls at least there is a few hour buffer for them to do what is needed and still have a decent night. If your reading this and want to tell me something now you know when the best time of day is for me.

Sorry this rant was kind of terrible but I needed to write it out and it may be deleted soon but I want it to be part of my blog diary.


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