Guest Post Courtney

I have a few things I will not be able to keep in for much longer but this is not my post I’ll put something up soon from me. I have realized that I just renewed my domain name crazy stuff owning a .com for another 13 months is like the most commitment I have right now. But this post is going to be a sweet listed story by Courtney. So onto her


Hello rachel recaps!
My name is Courtney and I am honored to be posting tonight! Let me start with a quick introduction: I was one of Rachel’s freshman year roommates and will be a best friend indefinitely. I am a cisgendered female, I live in Rhode Island, and I work at a coffee shop. Some of this information may be new to Rachel’s readers, and some may be repetitive of our favorite blogger’s previous posts.
Yesterday at work I was moving fairly slowly (at least in comparison to my Red Bull-drinking, over-caffeinated manager) and decided towards the end of my exhausting 9 hour shift to try out our Caramel Creme iced coffee. In my haste to quicken my speed, therefore finishing my work sooner and rushing home to relax, I did not consider that 5 pm may be a tad too late to consume fully-caffeinated beverages.
Nonetheless, I raced home, drink-in-hand, to brave the dry thunder and trek into the nearby woods for a run through the extensive trail system that circle my favorite lake.
My evening proceeded uneventfully with a post-run stretch, and a shower to scrape off the coffee grounds, encrusted sugar, salty sweat, and the occasional squashed bug.
As I allowed my body to relax in the 70 degree heat, surrounded by fleas my smallest cat happily shared with me, it came to my attention that the hour I had just spent in a supposed deep sleep merely spanned 30 minutes. My brain filled with a nagging fear that I would not be able to sleep a second longer. My once still body became agitated as I realized I would spend the remaining 5 hours of darkness itchy and restless.
From that moment on, I began to contemplate the horrors of a forced evening awake, and from there, I considered all-nighters. Compiled linearly, I focused on 5 thoughts about sleepless nights:
1. The younger you are, the more fun all-nighters seem. However if you are too young, it is impossible for your self-control to outweigh the body’s necessity for sleep. For example, one of my first sleepovers, my friend dared me to stay awake past 12 am. I tried my hardest, but could only stare at the clock until 11:33 before my eyelids betrayed me and slid shut.
2. The motivation for the all-nighter determines how much you enjoy yourself, and therefore, how much you regret your decision. In my experience, school-related, sleepless nights are the most painful and least fun. The following day is always the hardest (of course, it is usually a school day) and the crash lasts indefinitely. In contrast, all-nighters served partying, reading, or watching movies with friends – in other words, nights full of intended fun – are always the most rewarding and rarely earn regret.
3. My first and most peaceful all-nighter was accidental. I sat up reading in my bed until 1 am one warm summer night. When I saw the clock, I mindfully decided to continue reading. I was at a good stopping point, but I did not feel tired and the book was good. The next time I looked at the clock, it was past 5, the sun was rising slowly and the birds began chirping. Around 6, I heard my parents stirring, at which point I was scolded and sent to sleep. Despite the mere two or three hours of rest, I was more than enough energetic later that day on a spontaneous trip with my aunt.
4. My most recent all-nighter (I think) was in the spring of my freshman year at college. I spent half of my evening helping others with their homework, before retiring to my 8 page chemistry lab report due at 8 am the next morning. I suppose it was not technically a 24 hr all-nighter, because I took a 30-90 minute nap, after which I planned to rewrite calculations and head to class. However, when I did wake, I was feverish, clammy, and sluggish. I ended up calling in sick, and burrowing into my bed before my afternoon class began.
5. The next all-nighter I hope to pull would start with a day of work or fun, depending on my schedule. I hope to go to watch the sunset on a beach with my friends, then go to dinner and maybe a movie. We could drive around, play games, or just chat during the wee hours. There won’t be too much time to kill during the dark hours due to the short summer nights. The next move of this wonderful evening will be a hop over to another beach to watch the sunrise and possibly swim. Then a skip to our favorite breakfast place, and finally, a jump home (hopefully we’ll all have the day off of work!)
Moving forward, I hope to have more peaceful and exciting all-nighters as opposed to work- and stress-filled evenings.
I also hope to have wonderful company during these times. But for now, I will stick to the great night I am having now. Back to reality I go!
Thanks for listening

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