Guest post: Cap J.H. Clair

I need a bit of time to figure out what I am doing with this blog, where I want it to go (not forever but at least for a few weeks out) I have asked the followers of rachelrecaps facebook page to submit guest posts if they have writing they want to display here or if they would like to be interviewed. If you want to submit something feel free to send your work to me at In the meantime this is the first guest post (Poem), coming from one of my nearest and dearest friends, Cap.


Cap J.H. Clair is a human who lives on the planet earth, mainly because cheap, easy space travel is not yet a possibility. If you were to describe them in one word, that word would likely be dogs. This is because gay nerd is two words. However, that would fail to encapsulate the essence of what knowing them is like, and therefore, a slightly more extensive list will be supplied for you. Cap is a fencer, an artist, and sometimes a student. They are passionate about eyebrows, yankee candles, human rights, and the color blue. You can find them working retail or laying on the floor in their parent’s basement.(you can also find them on social media: @woolsheepy)

Hannah (2014)

The sunny summer days you breathe in and remember

Those without her are overcast stormy nights not a star in sight.

She is a tempest, an ionic storm in space

A rarity, galactic anomaly,

She takes everything in her ecliptic path, leaving in her wake a trail of broken dream debris

She is not only my moon, pulling on the tidal strings of my emotions,

She uses her gravitational pull on unsuspecting others, bringing them both smooth sailing and terrible waves.

I am not the only one who knows this.

Countless others have and will take the plunge into uncharted territories, daring to venture further than I,

But I was there first.

I know firsthand the dangers that come along with deep space exploration;

And while she is fascinating and beautiful

She is dark, cold, and dangerous,

But we see the Gods upon her skin.

My sister has a habit of people falling in love with her

She is a black hole, drawing everyone to her.

And in the midst of their spaghettification,

She says sorry.

I don’t think the boy she holds is her great love,

But she does.

So I will support it.

No I will support her.

And when her world comes crashing down around her,

When he has ripped the stars from her eyes,

And the sunshine from her hair,

I will be there.

I will be there for her to put her together again.

But she doesn’t need my help.

She doesn’t know this, but her fingerprints are maps of the galaxy

So her hands hold infinite possibilities

to be.

She is the constellations, intricately woven together

And she deserves someone to appreciate her beauty.

She is worthy of more than someone who occasionally glances at the sky

She deserves an astronomer.


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