Summer nails 

I have ha some news that is less than pleasnt come to me this week from more than one person about a few diffrent things. Today was my day off and I wanted to just be happy and ignor all negitivity so I can be prepaired for the busy weekend at work. I took a walk today in south orange the town I went to school in and spent all my pre college school years. I left my phone in the house and walked with no desired destination. I took the path that I would have for getting to high school because it felt firmiliar. Walking past the elementary school and thinking how empty it is most of the time which is far from how I remember the place. Then grove park which provided a nestalgia trip like no other. (I’m not going to detail it because I hve been working on keeping some of my life to myself) I didn’t get much further than the park because I saw an old friend. Jamie mountain who was in my Girl Scout troop and improved with me. A girl who vaguely resembled me an now we have the same hair cut and both love the short rashness of it. We caught up and I had calmed down enough by then to walk back and try to be greatful for all I have. Like a full time job that I like. The ability to read the education I have been provided this far and the continuation I am getting. The people that support me and the few that really go above and beyond for me the way I try to do for them (and when I say try I mean do without thinking much about it) there are other things more basic things but I struggle with the idea of wanting to go back to uri and that is because I don’t like the decisions I have made in who I call a friend and how I spent my time to a point where I have to go back and when there will have no problem but I don’t have the fire of awww yeah going back to school. 

Anyway nail time 




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