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Guest Post Courtney

I have a few things I will not be able to keep in for much longer but this is not my post I’ll put something up soon from me. I have realized that I just renewed my domain name crazy stuff owning a .com for another 13 months is like the most commitment I have right now. But this post is going to be a sweet listed story by Courtney. So onto her


Hello rachel recaps!
My name is Courtney and I am honored to be posting tonight! Let me start with a quick introduction: I was one of Rachel’s freshman year roommates and will be a best friend indefinitely. I am a cisgendered female, I live in Rhode Island, and I work at a coffee shop. Some of this information may be new to Rachel’s readers, and some may be repetitive of our favorite blogger’s previous posts.
Yesterday at work I was moving fairly slowly (at least in comparison to my Red Bull-drinking, over-caffeinated manager) and decided towards the end of my exhausting 9 hour shift to try out our Caramel Creme iced coffee. In my haste to quicken my speed, therefore finishing my work sooner and rushing home to relax, I did not consider that 5 pm may be a tad too late to consume fully-caffeinated beverages.
Nonetheless, I raced home, drink-in-hand, to brave the dry thunder and trek into the nearby woods for a run through the extensive trail system that circle my favorite lake.
My evening proceeded uneventfully with a post-run stretch, and a shower to scrape off the coffee grounds, encrusted sugar, salty sweat, and the occasional squashed bug.
As I allowed my body to relax in the 70 degree heat, surrounded by fleas my smallest cat happily shared with me, it came to my attention that the hour I had just spent in a supposed deep sleep merely spanned 30 minutes. My brain filled with a nagging fear that I would not be able to sleep a second longer. My once still body became agitated as I realized I would spend the remaining 5 hours of darkness itchy and restless.
From that moment on, I began to contemplate the horrors of a forced evening awake, and from there, I considered all-nighters. Compiled linearly, I focused on 5 thoughts about sleepless nights:
1. The younger you are, the more fun all-nighters seem. However if you are too young, it is impossible for your self-control to outweigh the body’s necessity for sleep. For example, one of my first sleepovers, my friend dared me to stay awake past 12 am. I tried my hardest, but could only stare at the clock until 11:33 before my eyelids betrayed me and slid shut.
2. The motivation for the all-nighter determines how much you enjoy yourself, and therefore, how much you regret your decision. In my experience, school-related, sleepless nights are the most painful and least fun. The following day is always the hardest (of course, it is usually a school day) and the crash lasts indefinitely. In contrast, all-nighters served partying, reading, or watching movies with friends – in other words, nights full of intended fun – are always the most rewarding and rarely earn regret.
3. My first and most peaceful all-nighter was accidental. I sat up reading in my bed until 1 am one warm summer night. When I saw the clock, I mindfully decided to continue reading. I was at a good stopping point, but I did not feel tired and the book was good. The next time I looked at the clock, it was past 5, the sun was rising slowly and the birds began chirping. Around 6, I heard my parents stirring, at which point I was scolded and sent to sleep. Despite the mere two or three hours of rest, I was more than enough energetic later that day on a spontaneous trip with my aunt.
4. My most recent all-nighter (I think) was in the spring of my freshman year at college. I spent half of my evening helping others with their homework, before retiring to my 8 page chemistry lab report due at 8 am the next morning. I suppose it was not technically a 24 hr all-nighter, because I took a 30-90 minute nap, after which I planned to rewrite calculations and head to class. However, when I did wake, I was feverish, clammy, and sluggish. I ended up calling in sick, and burrowing into my bed before my afternoon class began.
5. The next all-nighter I hope to pull would start with a day of work or fun, depending on my schedule. I hope to go to watch the sunset on a beach with my friends, then go to dinner and maybe a movie. We could drive around, play games, or just chat during the wee hours. There won’t be too much time to kill during the dark hours due to the short summer nights. The next move of this wonderful evening will be a hop over to another beach to watch the sunrise and possibly swim. Then a skip to our favorite breakfast place, and finally, a jump home (hopefully we’ll all have the day off of work!)
Moving forward, I hope to have more peaceful and exciting all-nighters as opposed to work- and stress-filled evenings.
I also hope to have wonderful company during these times. But for now, I will stick to the great night I am having now. Back to reality I go!
Thanks for listening

Guest post: Cap J.H. Clair

I need a bit of time to figure out what I am doing with this blog, where I want it to go (not forever but at least for a few weeks out) I have asked the followers of rachelrecaps facebook page to submit guest posts if they have writing they want to display here or if they would like to be interviewed. If you want to submit something feel free to send your work to me at In the meantime this is the first guest post (Poem), coming from one of my nearest and dearest friends, Cap.


Cap J.H. Clair is a human who lives on the planet earth, mainly because cheap, easy space travel is not yet a possibility. If you were to describe them in one word, that word would likely be dogs. This is because gay nerd is two words. However, that would fail to encapsulate the essence of what knowing them is like, and therefore, a slightly more extensive list will be supplied for you. Cap is a fencer, an artist, and sometimes a student. They are passionate about eyebrows, yankee candles, human rights, and the color blue. You can find them working retail or laying on the floor in their parent’s basement.(you can also find them on social media: @woolsheepy)

Hannah (2014)

The sunny summer days you breathe in and remember

Those without her are overcast stormy nights not a star in sight.

She is a tempest, an ionic storm in space

A rarity, galactic anomaly,

She takes everything in her ecliptic path, leaving in her wake a trail of broken dream debris

She is not only my moon, pulling on the tidal strings of my emotions,

She uses her gravitational pull on unsuspecting others, bringing them both smooth sailing and terrible waves.

I am not the only one who knows this.

Countless others have and will take the plunge into uncharted territories, daring to venture further than I,

But I was there first.

I know firsthand the dangers that come along with deep space exploration;

And while she is fascinating and beautiful

She is dark, cold, and dangerous,

But we see the Gods upon her skin.

My sister has a habit of people falling in love with her

She is a black hole, drawing everyone to her.

And in the midst of their spaghettification,

She says sorry.

I don’t think the boy she holds is her great love,

But she does.

So I will support it.

No I will support her.

And when her world comes crashing down around her,

When he has ripped the stars from her eyes,

And the sunshine from her hair,

I will be there.

I will be there for her to put her together again.

But she doesn’t need my help.

She doesn’t know this, but her fingerprints are maps of the galaxy

So her hands hold infinite possibilities

to be.

She is the constellations, intricately woven together

And she deserves someone to appreciate her beauty.

She is worthy of more than someone who occasionally glances at the sky

She deserves an astronomer.

Why I am a fan of simple sustainable choices

I am an Environmental Science major and I have been coinserned about the well being of the planet since third grade when I was first told what global warming was. I have met Lauren Singer the women who has produced less than a mason jar full of waste in the last tow years. She has a beyond amazing blog called  I totally recommend checking it out. After Lauren came to my school I was inspired to do better with my choices. It will not be enough to study the environment and then destroy it with my choices.

There are so many easy little things you can do that will seriously make an impact especally if you can get the people around you to do the same.

Make a list of the things you do, buy and throw away.

Which of them can you do in a way that is better.

When I looked at myself I saw that I have a lot of stuff that I do not want or need, that got me thinking how did I get this stuff I do not need. and that was an interesting because most of it was from cheap impulse buys or free stuff. On a college campus free sunglasses and water bottles, stickers, flyers, Frisbee and other random promotional things get handed to you very easily. I have decided that I very seriously will not take free things I do not need. And only buy things I will use.

Another thing is single use products, I am cutting down on my consumption of them.

The easiest places for that in my case were the plastic utensils, plastic bags and sanitary products. By purchasing a menstrual cup and keeping it in my purse I have saved a few boxes of tampons from going to a landfill. I was debating if I wanted to put that fact online but I love my menstrual cup and think everyone should know about them. LilyCompact

I also keep a set of reusable utensils in my bag so if I need them for food (like take out chineese or to spread cream cheese on a bagel) I have them.

I have been working on donating things that I have had for a long time and never use. I gave a huge bag of summer clothes I have outgrown to charity and there is a huge bag of clothes for the winter too. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I will be decorating my dorm with a rug, butterfly chair, and lamp that I found in the dumpsters when students moved out. There was nothing wrong with the rug or lamp (and the chair needed a few stitches to patch it up but seriously less than twenty minutes of work and it was perfect.)


Give things away rather than throw them away.

This post could have been better organized but I had a bunch of ideas fighting to be written down and so this is what I got.

If there are other simple Ideas Please comment below, I need to pick up a few more simple things now that these come so easily to me.

Recent feelings

I have hit a ruff patch at work got in some trouble fora big mess up on my part but was forgiven I had two days off this week because i was sent home sick after half an hour of being useless at work from the nausea. I wanted to use one of my days off to see my previous roommate Tara who had me wait all day and then decided that there was not enough time to see me she had other better things to do. I was so mad I can not waste my free time like that ever again. The way I told her this made her think I would not forgive but that is not it, I will forgive you a million times over and get hurt more than half of those time but that is the person I am. I am working very hard to become a forgive but never forget kind of person, to hold grudges that will keep me from making the same mistakes. Kyle my ex has told me to never speek to him again a few times and pretty much every time I think it would be acceptable to text him I end up very upset over our interactions so for now and maybe forever more the best course of action is leaving him alone. There is a new front bottoms song that has gotten me through this week. here is the link to Cough it out The first line is so true and as you get further in it remains true. I live my life by the line “I don’t care if your not sorry I forgive you, And with or with out your support I will continue, What I’m trying to say is you ever know what you’ve been through.” And the bridge “what ever I did for you last year I cannot do again, it’s getting harder and harder and harder and harder and harder for me to call you my friend, no matter how many times I say I wont I defend you if I can, but what ever i did for you last year I cannot do again.” I can think of a hand full of people that I truly thought were my friends but they have not been very good friends to me at least not the way I want them to be and this song has me thinking. I started college with a fresh slate and now half way through want to start over again . it would be hard to ditch Courtney Cap and Ryan but to loose the three best people I met at URI in order to meet so many more sounds quite nice. I will not be transferring but I have half hardheartedly toyed with the concept. Recently I have not felt interesting or all that valuable so I asked my friends on snapchat why am I not happy and the answers were far more profound than I had expected. Happiness is a state of mind. The better question is what is making you unhappy. Have you tried music or reading. And the one thing I was able to do was gt a book by recommendation of the wonderful freshman year roommate Courtney suggested. Well Courtney actually recommended a movie but I don’t really have internet so I got it in book form. Hector and the search for happiness.I have not felt much better from reading it but it is a cute book and I am very greatful to be reading something both new and interesting for fun. (My GIS textbook is very dry but i’m about 1/4 the way through it. I still need to buy a few more books for school and put in my Study Abroad application fee.) In fully unrelated news, I have purchased hair extentions and fake glasses what do you think?

Summer nails 

I have ha some news that is less than pleasnt come to me this week from more than one person about a few diffrent things. Today was my day off and I wanted to just be happy and ignor all negitivity so I can be prepaired for the busy weekend at work. I took a walk today in south orange the town I went to school in and spent all my pre college school years. I left my phone in the house and walked with no desired destination. I took the path that I would have for getting to high school because it felt firmiliar. Walking past the elementary school and thinking how empty it is most of the time which is far from how I remember the place. Then grove park which provided a nestalgia trip like no other. (I’m not going to detail it because I hve been working on keeping some of my life to myself) I didn’t get much further than the park because I saw an old friend. Jamie mountain who was in my Girl Scout troop and improved with me. A girl who vaguely resembled me an now we have the same hair cut and both love the short rashness of it. We caught up and I had calmed down enough by then to walk back and try to be greatful for all I have. Like a full time job that I like. The ability to read the education I have been provided this far and the continuation I am getting. The people that support me and the few that really go above and beyond for me the way I try to do for them (and when I say try I mean do without thinking much about it) there are other things more basic things but I struggle with the idea of wanting to go back to uri and that is because I don’t like the decisions I have made in who I call a friend and how I spent my time to a point where I have to go back and when there will have no problem but I don’t have the fire of awww yeah going back to school. 

Anyway nail time