Yesterday was my first day off in a while and I totally lived it up, Two insanity work outs, painted nails and toes, went to the beach played video games and got to see my good friend Mary. I will have work today but late morning start so I got to sleep in and cook and video game some more. I found out about a Tove Lo concert that I will buy tickets for soon and it looks like Kyle and Courtney will accompany me. (Lets hope Kyle and I are good by October.) I work so much I have no time to go out shopping for clothes or food or anything which means the internet is my store, I have not really bought much though just video game downlodes and concert tickets. I value experiences more than physical things. I am seriously trying to accumulate less things and live a life not tied down to things.

This week I am putting up an excerpt paragraph of how I was feeling a few months ago. It is not perfect I have tried to fix it but I don’t want to lose the meaning I was going for when I was feeling down a while back so this mini restoration process has not been easy. I guess it’s a poem.


My love life has been composed of a long string of short relationships, the string has been cut and frayed from living a brash youthful life. With each new start there is a spark from the inner fire that has not lasted long enough to catch the whole thing into ablaze. There are tears that cool down when the heat is picking up. The flood comes from the ending that was unseen and abruptly smothers the spark into a soggy sad string left in a puddle. The string may not be the strongest anymore but it is kept though not necessarily useful. New experiences, new people  they give me hope that there will be a reason I carry all the small string with me in my heart and my head and my bones. It does not weigh me down the way it used to. One day I may find a string that can kindle a camp fire or be knit into a sweater. The idea of good string excites me, future strings ones that could be long all the ones that are mysterious and carry unknown amounts of potential, that could tie together the sad small pieces that I have already they are the end goal. Live a life of string long enough to make new and salvage some of the old.


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