Book con year 2

I know I should have done this post last week but better late than never I guess. So I went to bookcon and had a frat day. I got to see one of my best friends cap.

Together we were able to have really good seats like second row for Felicia day.

I saw mindy kaling alone and had really bad seats but it was still fun to hear her talk about her life. That panel came with a free excerp of her second book which I read on the train ride home and loved so much I want the book.

I was able to hear the author of phantom tollbooth. One of my all time favorite books

What was even better about Norbert (phantom tollbooth author) was that I went up to the stage and was able to thank him for writing the book and tell him how much it shaped my life. He took my fan girling very well.

I saw Julia and realized how I really want to be a better friend to her. We got to do a free photo booth.

 I saw aziz ansari who is a funny guy.

 And then when we left the javis center (cap and I)  had amazing ny pizza

I got free tote bags and a few books that I hope to read but if it’s anything like last year none will get read but a tote bag will be used to death.
I think that is about it for my bookcon trip. I have since been working my summer job every day and stuck to insanity this dad. My first day off (today) will be spent at six flags. I just wanted to get this post in so I don’t have I worry about the possibility of forgetting. I have been reading Collin and jade I’m about 20% through and so far it’s not terrable but it is time coinsuming.  That’s all for now   If you are my friend and you read this please tell me however you can I miss so many people and am not doing as well as I should to stay in touch but that is in part because I don’t have a reason to reach out so this is your opertunity friends remind me of why we are friends. (Mdog you are excused if you want to not partake. I got you girl)


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