All caught up

I am so happy to be home. In the last week I’ve seen most of my friends from home. Made cookies ate at diners played video games and all in the company of friends. Nash Fara Jackson and Ewa in south orange and today I got to see my prior roommate Tara who is doing so well I’m glad we live close together. 

Tomorrow I start work which I am more than happy to do. I loved my job last summer pizza on the beach what more could I ask for. 

This post I want to focus on five things I learned while working. 

  1. Smile, no matter how you feel each customer is a new start and they want to be treated well. 
  2. The customer is always right, even if you were right try to accommodate them. 
  3. Your job should be more than a paycheck. If you hate your job look for something else I garentee someone would love to take your place. 
  4. Dance like no one is looking. Because hopefully no one is, moving is good to keep awake and enjoy your hours on the clock. 
  5. At the end of the day know you have a job and going in to do that job is giving you something to do. My first summer working was the best summer of my teenage life and all I did was work so the attitude you brink to the workplace will seriously effect your memory as well as your coworkers oppinion of you. 

So in summary attitude and communication are key to having a good summer while working 



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