Schools out

I can barely believe that I have completed all my finals. I am feeling pretty okay right now but this semester had a lot for me emotionally so I may have my GPA drop. I had both my geology and orgo exams today then had a very nice day out (like 5 hours) with a very nice boy, we got icecream and went to the beach and stuff so that is why I am now super tiard and this is getting posted a bit late.

This is not named it’s just a short little thing I wrote on my phone a few weeks ago

I was given an option to upgrade but found that too serious. A decision I declined in a ridiculously childish way. I moved away from you fast as I could into the arms of another who offered the same thing as you had. I was resistant to give in but not all that well. We were happy though I was chained and you were alone waiting for me to accept your open invitation. I was distant to you feeling the unspoken contract that I had signed and testing the terms and conditions. I wanted to know exact ally how far was too far but you only had patience enough. You waited patiently for my return to you when I was released from another and spiraled into a bad place. It was only a matter of time and for me the three months were long and glorious you waited out the storm and now have the lost metal from the beach

Have a wonderful summer if you are done with school and good luck with the last bit if you still have school.


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