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may nails

this is my last night in Rhode Island for a few months. things are all going really well though on saturday I am going to bookcon and my study abroad  research is looking promising. For now I have loads of nail art because I skipped posting last month and now I have had a bit of time to paint them up pretty.

Picture2 Picture3 Picture4 Picture7

Picture6 Picture8 Picture11 Picture9

Picture5 Picture10

I will post again soon so excited for bookcon!

I commit

normally I am a very committed person when i say I will do something I really try to follow through because I value my word. This poem is ironic because I wrote it in April when I was sad, fixed it up tonight and am experiencing a mini breakdown. I will not be staying in Rhode Island for as long as expected, returning home twelve days early but no worries returning to school in the fall. It turns out that I do miss my family and job and NJ. So 8 days till home my count down is real.

I am a follow through type of person

When I commit I am there for the long haul

I expect the same from everyone else

And for that I am constantly disappointed by people.

I use to believe everyone was wonderful but now I am a cynic

Part of a species that has done more harm than good

Almost no exceptions

I include myself and my loved ones.

Image a world only Gandhi’s

Very few very selective,

Peace would concord all

And human impact would be minimal.

I will never get to see that world

But for now I can work towards a smaller impact

Because that is my commitment to myself.

By the way I started insanity work out this week and after 4 days of sticking with it I really do hope to get through all 60. selfies will be posted at some point. Thanks for reading


Today the final grades for URI were posted. And no excuses I did no do as well as I had wanted to. At the start of the semester I wanted to get myself back on deans list and went in the opposite direction having what I hope will be my lowest GPA for a semester ever.

To keep myself from completely shutting down on this lone week of real vacation before I start work on Monday and internship on Tuesday I have been watching TV. Passive is clearly not very good for me I am so disappointed that I just want to sleep or cry but what I should be doing is staying active, reading books, getting outside, hanging out with friends. Staying at Courtney’s house is very nice but I need to be home and working so when summer really starts for me is in about five weeks.

I am by no means a comedian but after being told my sense of humor is even less existing now than normal I have decided to list off a few of my favorite jokes/puns.

  • Why do seagulls fly over the sea? (A-Cuz other wise they would be baygulls)
  •  Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He’s all right now.
  • What’s the difference between tuna and a piano? (you can tune a piano but you can not piano a tuna)
  • How much does a hipster weight? (A-an Instagram)
  • The calenders days are numbered
  • What is the easiest way to wake up lady Gaga? (A-poke her face)
  • there are two muffins in the oven, one says “boy is it hot” and the other says “what a talking muffin”
  • what is brown and sticky? (A-a stick)
  • there are 10 types of people in the world, those who can read binary and those who can’t
    • and finally -Did you know lobsters don’t share?
    • They’re  shellfish

So there are ten jokes or puns that I like not necessarily my favorite ten because that would be difficult to compose, but these brought me some joy at a time where I am filled with sadness.

Schools out

I can barely believe that I have completed all my finals. I am feeling pretty okay right now but this semester had a lot for me emotionally so I may have my GPA drop. I had both my geology and orgo exams today then had a very nice day out (like 5 hours) with a very nice boy, we got icecream and went to the beach and stuff so that is why I am now super tiard and this is getting posted a bit late.

This is not named it’s just a short little thing I wrote on my phone a few weeks ago

I was given an option to upgrade but found that too serious. A decision I declined in a ridiculously childish way. I moved away from you fast as I could into the arms of another who offered the same thing as you had. I was resistant to give in but not all that well. We were happy though I was chained and you were alone waiting for me to accept your open invitation. I was distant to you feeling the unspoken contract that I had signed and testing the terms and conditions. I wanted to know exact ally how far was too far but you only had patience enough. You waited patiently for my return to you when I was released from another and spiraled into a bad place. It was only a matter of time and for me the three months were long and glorious you waited out the storm and now have the lost metal from the beach

Have a wonderful summer if you are done with school and good luck with the last bit if you still have school.