Free face paint

I am writin this on the carried home from a walk the moon concert. It was so cool I went with five friends including Courtney Abbie and Kyle. We went to dinner at a pub called the Abbie and then went over to the venue in providence. We had tickets bought in clumps if two. I was with Courtney and the line to get in was around the city block. On the way to the back four groups of uri friends said hello to me and I picked up some abandoned orange face paint.

IMG_0961 All my friends were skeptic all of the paint but I drew on my face and was very happy with my decision. The opener was the grizwalds who were hard to understand but all together pretty good. Part way through the set a security guard checked out tickets and we for to move up it felt like when at the airport you are issued a complimentary first class ticket.



IMG_0966I saw some friends and went over to chat with them till the guy sitting exactaly where I was standing came over, of all the places it had to be right there.

It was a good night

Thanks for reading


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