A year ago I was doing camp nano wrimo and trying to finish up collin and Jade my 75682 word novel that begun in November of 2013. Today I am not stressing over word count because I decided that life is taking presidence over forced writing. (But with out a doubt I will force myself to do November because it is sacred and I think if I could pull off three years in a row and not fail out of school I must be doing something right.) It is an odd time of the semester, I had a Term paper due today and an Orgo exam. I got to see Kyle my boyfriend and there are moments when I think he is what keeps me grounded. If I was single I probably would be doing camp nano putting together 10K words of short stories and poems to put on the blog later but that won’t make my work any good. I am starting to feel like I should not be writing because there is no drive for me to do it. I read a post yesterday from Julia and it was April 1st so a joke but she was saying there is a feeling like she has to keep up the blog and if I ever do get to that point I will take a break and may truly stop writing.

Today in the radio station (I almost skipped to get some sleep)(I wish sleep were optional) I had a great time getting to blast happy music and sing off key to the front bottoms and other bands. One of the managers told me that I am rather loud and everyone can hear me both singing and my music, they didn’t ask me to change though so it was a shock of embarrassment followed by a comfortable feeling that I am not shouting into a void of oblivion. The radio might have been the best part of my day. either that or knowing the answer to a stats question when called on. Feeling smart is an amazing buzz.

I have signed up for fall classes and they are starting to get serious. 18 credits, 7 of them GIS which has to do with surveying land using a computer. My only gen ed is french lit and it’s an online course. If my housing plans follow through I may have a kitchen at my disposal which means I can make cookies, pizza bagels and french PB&J (which is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that is dipped in french toast egg batter then fried it makes the innards gooey and warm, I love them.)

I am going to head to the gym so here is the post for today.

IMG_0898Keep it classy And happy Easter if you celebrate


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