March nails

This week I realized that I am the worst kind of person. Well that is an exaduration I can think of a few kinds of people worse than me. But that is not the point. If you have been reading for a long while now or are around me in real life you would know that I bought an iphone four months ago which was a huge upgrade from the flip phone and a big responsibility to pay for it every month for the rest of my life in theory. I was leaving work going to class in a hurry and while walking up the stairs phone in hand I tripped. I cut up my knee and my phone hit the ground. The girl behind me was freaking out over how I was, my physical health and I was more concerned that my phone was unharmed. Thankfully it was not cracked and seems to working just fine.

This week made me realize how much I enjoy my phone and it’s scary that it nearly takes presidence over my own health. I also just canceled my spotify premium subscription because the trial was ending and I miss it. On my computer it’s not a big deal but on my phone it really is difficult due to the fact that I can only shuffle music. I don’t know how I will do it but I want to go back to not caring about my phone. If you have suggestions, apps that will restrict my idol use or give to charity (balancing out my phone overall reason for existing) please tell me.

nail time







I am getting close to midnight all that is due tomorrow is done though and I feel better right now than I have for a few days so that is good. Before I mess up this feeling for myself I will wish you goodnight and sweet dreams. (of more nail painting if your me)


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