Water Forgotten Food Group

It is not all that late but one of the best readers Kyle just texted me to make sure I would post tonight,(I am beyond happy he is in my life). This has been a week for him and I wish I could have been there for him more. I am the kind of person tat likes to say yes to people and will go out of my way to help out but that sometimes leaves me or other people in my life to feel short changed. I won’t go through other people’s business on my blog because that is not mine to share but tomorrow is the last day of class before spring break so everyone should be able to recover from life a bit with a week off.

I will be staying on campus to do homework, apply for internships and scholarships and catch up on sleep and netflix. It is going to be a very long week spent alone with a microwave that Abbie has been generous enough to loan me. I will not be checking my grades because I know I am not happy with them this week will have to be used to get ahead and learn up.

Yesterday I donated blood making it my third donation and a pretty big deal I had the very lowest acceptable amount of iron but the minimum is good enough for me.  I still fee a bit sluggish over it but only one more day of class so exciting, and tomorrow I am going to the trampoline park.

phone8 053

This is a thoughts from Thursday post.

I have to drink a ton of water right now because fluids were lost from giving blood and my body needs to stay hydrated. For a long time I have been a believer that water should be a food group, growing up I had the food pyramid.

food pyrimid

Then it was redone to be a bit more even

food pyrimid 2

And last time I checked it has moved to my plate instead of the pyrimid

my plate

With the plate I got super excited to have the cup thinking it would be a cup of water but instead it was dairy a very much important food group but none the less why are we not pushing the importance of water. And when I say water I do not mean flavored things or as a cooking ingredient I am talking about a nice cup of clean clear water with the option of ice. The body needs to be hydrated and nothing is better than water. I am happy that the plate has gotten rid of sugars and has a large portion of vegetables but still if feels like water is the forgotten food group. I am going to put it on twitter and start a fuss over the forgotten food group if you want to join me feel free, I will be sipping from a reusable straw and staying beautiful with the water running through me.

I am too triad to fix this up but #ForgottenFoodGroup

phone8 055Thank you to my friend Cass who asked me to model for her. This was taken on real film and looks amazing.


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