I carry my stress: Poem

This week was a full seven days yet all I am really able to remember is Monday to now. I fell into a snowy gross puddle, spent a weekend cleaning and studying with out my boy, played the last inter mural soccer game of the semester (11-1 we lost but never forfeited.) spent time at the pool with 7ft tall Ryan, had a real conversation with Justin at work, went skating with my sorority and last night I got a roommate. It was random and crazy and happened all at once but now I am living with Tara from ADPi. I have not known her long enough to really say much about her but she seems nice and generous and is definitely pretty. More to come on Tara the new roommie.

This was a ‘half day’ of school so my orgo exam has been moved to Tuesday and my weekend plans may not work out because of the weather and sickness but if they happen you will hear about them (obviously not everything will be canceled I have a date with my bed that I would not miss for the world and a girls night with Mdog that I’m excited for also Ihop and ice skating date on Friday if things go as planned.)

So it’s getting late I have work at 7am and still have to read a lab and write a paper for tomorrow so with out further delay this week’s poem.

I carry my stress 

I carry my stress in my neck,

The way you feel weight on your chest

When it is being compressed

I feel that amplified between my shoulders

My arms try to roll it out

But to no avail.

The head rolls a full 360

And only feels tenser after.

I keep my pain in my knees;

From cuts and scrapes

Razor blades nicks

And soccer ball hits

The joints get sore

Forcing my movement to be calculated.

I suck in my stomach

Rounding out the discomfort

None of me is perfect

Nothing will ever be

My environment is my stress

And it is my life

I can not live with out it

But I can barely live with it.

So I carry the pain

And bare the smile

To cover the stress with a weak disguise.

So I hope you enjoyed that it is not the best thing I have ever written but looking at the time my film paper won’t be either. This may be read on Justin’s radio show this weekend Saturday morning 11-noon so if you have the time listen in riu2.org till next week stay safe out there the roads are a mess and the temperature is far from beachy.

iphone 6 001 the perfect outfit for another inch of snow.


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