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March nails

This week I realized that I am the worst kind of person. Well that is an exaduration I can think of a few kinds of people worse than me. But that is not the point. If you have been reading for a long while now or are around me in real life you would know that I bought an iphone four months ago which was a huge upgrade from the flip phone and a big responsibility to pay for it every month for the rest of my life in theory. I was leaving work going to class in a hurry and while walking up the stairs phone in hand I tripped. I cut up my knee and my phone hit the ground. The girl behind me was freaking out over how I was, my physical health and I was more concerned that my phone was unharmed. Thankfully it was not cracked and seems to working just fine.

This week made me realize how much I enjoy my phone and it’s scary that it nearly takes presidence over my own health. I also just canceled my spotify premium subscription because the trial was ending and I miss it. On my computer it’s not a big deal but on my phone it really is difficult due to the fact that I can only shuffle music. I don’t know how I will do it but I want to go back to not caring about my phone. If you have suggestions, apps that will restrict my idol use or give to charity (balancing out my phone overall reason for existing) please tell me.

nail time







I am getting close to midnight all that is due tomorrow is done though and I feel better right now than I have for a few days so that is good. Before I mess up this feeling for myself I will wish you goodnight and sweet dreams. (of more nail painting if your me)

Spring Break, so far

This week I have not had classes or work because it is URI’s spring break. I have spent my days sleeping watching netflix and hanging out with local friends. I would have to say this has been a very successful detox from stress. I have not done anywhere near the amount of homework I had wanted to do over the break but I still have tonight. You may be wondering why I didn’t say I have the weekend, I am going on a little road trip to Bethlehem Pennsylvania to visit one of Kyle’s friends at Lehigh University.

Last weekend on Friday I went to the trampoline park with Kyle, Justin D, Ben and Jacob. All of them went to high school together and I had just met Jacob that day at chipotle, Ben I met over a month ago at a party but I didn’t really know them. On Saterday it was a full day of the guys and me who went to a Chinese buffet, the pet store (where I fell in love with a Beta fish that I did not take home), the beach and then back to my room to watch Sharknato 2. (not as good as sharknato but maybe the third one will top the stellar performance of movie one.)

This weekend had to be one of the fastest friendships I have made in a while, I get to spend the road trip time with the same guys (minus JD who is building a house in Arkansis with Courtney Abbie and habitat for humanity) I a so ready, the last bit of packing will be done when my laundry comes out of the dryer, I have almost 5 hours of music offline on a spotify play list, snack food packed and all around eagerly antisipating a wonderful weekend off campus.

(I am going to put all the pictures at the end of this post.)

Yesterday was rather fun and long as days go I had a councling session where I was told I? do not need as much councling so I will only go twice a month instead of every week. I had the RA interview redo and I think it went well, possibly better than the first one so fingers crossed that I get the job. Then I decided it was time for a hair cut so I looked up cheap places to get a hair cut and got on the bus with my back pack filled to entertain me. Thank goodness because I took the wrong bus and went outbound to Providence then looped back to Wakefield where I had wanted to go. It took like two hours when it should have been less than half an hour. But I got to knit a little and read through my geology notes. I got 10.5 inches of hair cut off and feel beyond adorable now with my short spring hair cut. In the waiting room I talked to some very nice people who treated me to lunch at panera then I went on the bus back to school and watched Bridgett Jones Diaries on netflix while making Geo flash cards. It was an all in all good day.

Today I volunteered with GRRL Tec, a Rhode Island program to get highschool girls intrested in STEM careers. I moved tables and walked girls to a seminar on personal finance, then handed out their lunches. I got a free Tshirt and lunch. My breakfast buddy Elizabeth asked if I wanted to go to RISD with her and of course I did so I spent the afternoon looking at art.

Tonight I want to do a forum post for film, fold laundry, finish packing for tomorrow’s road trip, do the online chem homework and the Stats homework that will be due monday and tuesday and need to be done before I travel.

I am so excited to see Kyle, and my mom and leave campus for a few days. I may do a bonus post on Monday if the trip is good and I don’t feel like sleeping forever when I get back to school and have a 7am shift at the dining hall ūüė¶

As a reward for reading through (or just scrolling) Here is a picture version of my week.

iphone 9 002iphone 9 004

iphone 9 005

iphone 9 008

iphone 9 011

iphone 9 012

iphone 9 026 iphone 9 033I am donating my hair

iphone 9 040

iphone 9 050

iphone 9 042 iphone 9 043these two are student art.

Yeah so I had a great break hope you can say the same.

Water Forgotten Food Group

It is not all that late but one of the best readers Kyle just texted me to make sure I would post tonight,(I am beyond happy he is in my life). This has been a week for him and I wish I could have been there for him more. I am the kind of person tat likes to say yes to people and will go out of my way to help out but that sometimes leaves me or other people in my life to feel short changed. I won’t go through other people’s business on my blog because that is not mine to share but tomorrow is the last day of class before spring break so everyone should be able to recover from life a bit with a week off.

I will be staying on campus to do homework, apply for internships and scholarships and catch up on sleep and netflix. It is going to be a very long week spent alone with a microwave that Abbie has been generous enough to loan me. I will not be checking my grades because I know I am not happy with them this week will have to be used to get ahead and learn up.

Yesterday I donated blood making it my third donation and a pretty big deal I had the very lowest acceptable amount of iron but the minimum is good enough for me.  I still fee a bit sluggish over it but only one more day of class so exciting, and tomorrow I am going to the trampoline park.

phone8 053

This is a thoughts from Thursday post.

I have to drink a ton of water right now because fluids were lost from giving blood and my body needs to stay hydrated. For a long time I have been a believer that water should be a food group, growing up I had the food pyramid.

food pyrimid

Then it was redone to be a bit more even

food pyrimid 2

And last time I checked it has moved to my plate instead of the pyrimid

my plate

With the plate I got super excited to have the cup thinking it would be a cup of water but instead it was dairy a very much important food group but none the less why are we not pushing the importance of water. And when I say water I do not mean flavored things or as a cooking ingredient I am talking about a nice cup of clean clear water with the option of ice. The body needs to be hydrated and nothing is better than water. I am happy that the plate has gotten rid of sugars and has a large portion of vegetables but still if feels like water is the forgotten food group. I am going to put it on twitter and start a fuss over the forgotten food group if you want to join me feel free, I will be sipping from a reusable straw and staying beautiful with the water running through me.

I am too triad to fix this up but #ForgottenFoodGroup

phone8 055Thank you to my friend Cass who asked me to model for her. This was taken on real film and looks amazing.

I carry my stress: Poem

This week was a full seven days yet all I am really able to remember is Monday to now. I fell into a snowy gross puddle, spent a weekend cleaning and studying with out my boy, played the last inter mural soccer game of the semester (11-1 we lost but never forfeited.) spent time at the pool with 7ft tall Ryan, had a real conversation with Justin at work, went skating with my sorority and last night I got a roommate. It was random and crazy and happened all at once but now I am living with Tara from ADPi. I have not known her long enough to really say much about her but she seems nice and generous and is definitely pretty. More to come on Tara the new roommie.

This was a ‘half day’ of school so my orgo exam has been moved to Tuesday and my weekend plans may not work out because of the weather and sickness but if they happen you will hear about them (obviously not everything will be canceled I have a date with my bed that I would not miss for the world and a girls night with Mdog that I’m excited for also Ihop and ice skating date on Friday if things go as planned.)

So it’s getting late I have work at 7am and still have to read a lab and write a paper for tomorrow so with out further delay this week’s poem.

I carry my stress 

I carry my stress in my neck,

The way you feel weight on your chest

When it is being compressed

I feel that amplified between my shoulders

My arms try to roll it out

But to no avail.

The head rolls a full 360

And only feels tenser after.

I keep my pain in my knees;

From cuts and scrapes

Razor blades nicks

And soccer ball hits

The joints get sore

Forcing my movement to be calculated.

I suck in my stomach

Rounding out the discomfort

None of me is perfect

Nothing will ever be

My environment is my stress

And it is my life

I can not live with out it

But I can barely live with it.

So I carry the pain

And bare the smile

To cover the stress with a weak disguise.

So I hope you enjoyed that it is not the best thing I have ever written but looking at the time my film paper won’t be either. This may be read on Justin’s radio show this weekend Saturday morning 11-noon so if you have the time listen in till next week stay safe out there the roads are a mess and the temperature is far from beachy.

iphone 6 001 the perfect outfit for another inch of snow.