Nailed it Feb.

It’s a nail art week which means February is pretty much over, wow that was fast. This month was eventful for me, I have gotten to a place that is very good. I am happy almost always I sleep almost never and I am doing better in baby orgo than I ever did in Chem 112 (which doesn’t say much but hey D+ is better than F-). I love my nails and sharing them but some times doing this post feels like it robs me from sharing writing with you. Other weeks it’s a relief to not have to write more.

I have mixed feelings about this weeks post. I love blogging and it has forced me to go through things with people in a way that I do not get to experience (except with Julia none of my friends blog in a way that puts them out there the way I do). I love having an outlet but I need to always keep in mind that this ‘black mirror’ that reflects back to me is clear glass to you (meaning the reader that is not Rachel) I do not mind sharing what is going on but After sharing something about someone that was not really mine to share I am realizing that there needs to be two things the public stuff for rachelrecaps and the private stuff that is just for me.

Sorry not sorry about that; if you want to know what is going on in my life to a deeper level just hang out with me or send me an email I will get back to you quickly. This weekend I get to go skating with my sorority sisters and study until I am a smarty pants who only wears skirts. (Stats and Orgo exam this week NBD.) I am really happy and I don’t know how long I will be that way but I hope it lasts a nice long while. Happiness is so fleeting but so worth working towards. Like today I got a free t-shirt from the gym for going to their inside out love yourself events which were fun anyway. I am going to miss college when I have to go. But that is years away.

Now nail art time. Sorry for the cheats i have 2 stick ons but that is the best thing working dish room.


stick 2stick on

poThank You Merrie these are great Mark. colors.


stick 1Stick ons

scrable love


So I kept it simple for this month Some day I will stop working with water and dirty dishes but until then I just do not have the energy to spend hours on nails that get destroyed in a few minutes.

iphone 6 016 The cutest little gift box from my more than amazing Aunt Merrie. I will never be able to thank you enough regardless of how many cards and shout out I give you; with that said I will keep trying and say thank you again. ❤


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