Pre Apology

It has been a long and seemingly eventful week, I had some people get really mad at me. I  have earned some forgiveness, Been very happy. Been off campus, and called AAA for the first time in my life. Tonight my sorority had initiation and we welcomed 4 wonderful girls in to the process of becoming our sisters (three more will be welcomed in next week.) I think I did an a okay job with the 7 recruits. I had the first full “Monday” of the semester and it took place on a Wednesday. My film class Topics on chaos in modern film is so amazing I can’t wait to have another one even if it is a 6-10pm class I did not feel sleepy or board I was almost sad when the class had to break up. We watched Sunshine and if you enjoy space style movie/TV such as firefly or the 100 I recommenced this movie.

This weeks written potion that is not my update may be referenced later on to anyone that decides to privately attach me about content I have decided to post.

Congratulations! You have through one form or another found your way to this website, .This is a small domain on the internet that has no big dreams or ambitions. I am Rachel the sole writer and editor of this page, I do not do this for anyone to find joy in except for myself. I love hearing feedback and constructive criticism but that in no way means I will do anything about it. I have been at this for over a year and found a rhythm that works rather well for me. This is an outlet for me and  fairly personal connection to my thoughts. I started for a reason that was very influenced but have come around to doing this independently of that.

If you are a person involved in my life there is a good chance I will talk about you here, that is not meant as some sort of threat just a warning. I do not have to write about you in a positive light or at all but if I decide to write harshly about you that is a reflection of how you have made me feel at some point. You do not have to read any of my stuff, so with that said if you do not like what I have to say either do not read it or do not act that way around me.

I refuse to change myself for other people I need this little piece for myself and if you need one too feel free too, start a wordpress blog it’s free and brought me a great deal of excitement over the year and change I have been using it. I should not have to write myself disclaimers to protect people’s feelings, I will not remove anything at best I can privatize if you are feeling uncomfortable with it. If you are a friend or active member of my life and do not want to have any mention on this site then you will need to tell me that in person and I will respect your wishes as best as I can.

This is not an apology for things I have done and by doing this I have no plans on ever needing to apologize for what I do here. This is my space and I am willing to share it with anyone who is willing to be nice.

Thanks for reading

iphone 6 023Yoga has been keeping me sane this semester, I go twice a week and need it just about as much as I need to breath or write or wear skirts.


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