Nail post

Congratulations to you wonderful person who decided to read my blog and also is either the most brilliant one day old baby, happen to live anywhere other than the east coast or managed to live through the blizzard, it was real for New England. We got snow I don’t have a good idea of how much but it canceled 2 days of class which gave me time to hang with the gorham groupies and do a bit of school work and gt a couple more state capitals to stick in my head. I can’t believe it’s already time for nail art. You would think I would have done more nail art with the sowed in factor and the end of winter break but I just didn’t. Unrelated, when I was doing 2 posts a week it was less of a drain but right now having to post the nail art feels like it’s restricting me from my personal expression I will continue doing it and I hate how much I have changed first the day of the week then adding then dropping post scheduling. My sincere apologizes.

Nail art, welcome to 2015


2015the quality is awful on this one but it was 2015 in Rhine stones

tribeThis is one of my all time favorites

pladStickers not done by hand

3 colTape for the precision!

bowbow and stripes



and what i have now is a discrete I can’t stand what my job does to my nails but I need the work to keep my iphone running and be able to purchase things like access codes and text books and have fun.

I will keep you posted but I may be doing something new this weekend so that is much exciting.


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