This bonus post is so called for in my opinion this was the most momentous day of the week. I woke up in the morning and read some of the journalism chapter, I can tell I will enjoy his class. Then had a huge breakfast with the groupies and Vanessa. I got a new keyboard and (you guessed it) the shift keys work. Sadly there is no back light but because of that I didn’t have to pay for this one when I get what I want I will pay for the part. (lets hope soon I miss the light up keys but do not want to pay more than like $30 for it. The computer is being a bit fussy recently.)

Then I spent a few hours doing home work stuff reading and what not I felt like I could accomplish so much more with out quidditch practice but I feel like I will miss quidditch pretty soon but I can’t have my cake and eat it too.

I got two slices of pizza for the price of one because the pizzeria was closing then I saw a friend at the bus hub so I didn’t have to be all anti social on the bus over to providence, I used the iphone app for directions but ended up asking the people in dunkin and a family on the way but I made it to the venue on time.

iphone 5 070

I had seen the band (or should I say Jake) like 3 years ago in NY but this just came up and it was super cool that even though I had to go alone in this crap weather I am glad I did.

iphone 5 073

I got to hang with the band

iphone 5 068

and this was not cropped or zoomed in I was like on top of the stage.

Then I got a ride home from a women I work with in dining services because her son was the bass player for a different band. It was all so cool I want to write a short story about the scene but I can’t make any promises that I will.

Here is a link to one of the bands songs 


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