Thoughts on Jennifer’s Body

So first off my apologizes for the typos it’s rather late like I have 30 minutes to get this done on Thursday night and I still do not have working shift keys. this week has been short academically but i have had one class of everything except for the film class i am taking this semester. alone they would not be too difficult but together the 19 credits will be challenging and a metric ton of work. I already have so much hw and it’s only day 2. I am avoiding people that will get me worked up because i do not have time for that in my life now or much of ever. I refuse to give shout outs to that. If you know or remember my suit mate and previous roommate Abbie I request to hold her in the light she is going through things that are not mine to publicly share but i think sending her positive energy would be beneficial. I have to say that living in a single is not really my style I miss having someone to come home to it’s kind of crushing my spirits.

My sorority stuff is starting up and that is pretty cool. As an unrelated thing I have decided to memorize the states and capitals this semester so wish me luck on that.

This weeks though has to do with Jennifer’s Body the 2009 Megan Fox movie but also all really bad movies that someone loves. this happens to be one of my movies, growing up i had something of a celebrity girl crush on Megan Fox. I watched it with Abbie and Justin D. this weekend and we realized that it was not what most people would call a good movie but to a younger movie this was the best thing ever. with it’s crazy lines like ‘let’s play hello titty with the bartender’, ‘what’s up monastat; and ‘nice insult Hannah Montana got any other harsh digs.’ but pretty much everything Megan Fox says is ridiculous.

I have something of a conspiracy theory that this movie was a children’s story and then  his or her father produced it after adding more sex and aimless killing which explains some of the line that sound like a child would say and out of place when spoken by adult actors.

The movie had a 16 million dollar budget and made 31 million so nearly doubled it’s budget. the only reason it sold was the casting of Megan but regardless I am proud to own this fine movie.

Because it is almost midnight i will stop writing and add a link that sums up the rest of what i want to say thank you buzz feed. I hope to go back and fix this up when my keyboard if fixed tomorrow.



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