Buying Books

Nothing about me right now just the thoughts post this week.

For Christmas I received among other things a gift card to Barns and Noble. I went to the book store and found myself not looking for books I needed to own in my collection but rather yet the books that I already own drew my attention to me. I noticed all the books I received for free at book con now for sale and I also saw the books I had already read of the ends of series I had started a while ago but never finished because it was taking too long for the next book to be released. I noticed the books that I had heard about and wanted to check out of the library and I left the store with a croissant and no books. What does that go to show that I have no attention span? No because I still do read books for fun

Does it mean that I have no desire for owning things? Not quite but that answer is closer and would open up a whole different can of worms if we want to go into ownership and waste.

But truthfully I do not have an answer what does this mean a girl who reads and enjoys it and writes and enjoys that does not really buy books.

Where do you stand on the buying of the books, it is not that I have a nook or kindle but if I did I would then get to the point of not wanting to pay for books and that may be the problem for me at least. Dollar per hour of entertainment a book is a very good investment yet I would prefer to be cheap and borrow books rather than own them   because borrowing something for hours of fun is a free version of buying the same thing and may reduce my global impact even if only by a small amount.


all my hard work paid off and I am featured on the URI website homepage so yay me!


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