100 posts later

Can you believe it 2015 the time of the “future”. This is post #100 which is so crazy, to think that a little over a year ago I put up my first post ever and now I am in the triple digest; the place that I will be for pretty much the rest of the time I do this (I do not know if I will ever get to the thousands, at this rate it would be about 9 years from now but who know I can’t figure out what will happen next weekend leave alone nine years from now). I am currently suffering from the over optimistic views of my facebook friends that I do not really know in person. I spend most of the year extremely forgiving and up beat and walk around with an overall optimistic out view even when the world makes it hard to do that. For that reason I can not deal with seeing all these internet people that claim to be my “friends”  posting about how they will do better and how great things are or are going to be. If you have been reading it’s clear to see that I did not have the best year and yet I keep trucking.

For now I have to say that due to the fact that I have not been doing much writing and my NaNo is in absolutely no shape to be published even to here (It’s basically a few chapters followed by blog posts that were published in November and then about 10000 words of me ranting about the people who left me last semester.)

This year is filled with the same promise that every new day has, I have the goals I set on the last post to work on but I think as much of a cop out as it is that I need to be more resolute this year so solve a problem when it arises do not wait around for a reason to fix things just fix things.

I would make a raffle or something to celebrate this monumental 100th post thing but instead I think I will just cut back to once a week posting for a while I need to spend some time writing so I will have something to present to you guys.

Happy New Year.

iphone3 061iphone3 062This year is going to sparkle!


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