Last post of the year

Since the calendar year is coming to an end it is time to resolve how to make next year better. Most of my experiences this year are things I can learn from. Last year I resolved to blog at least once a week and I still do that. The best part for me now about that is now I have a fairly accurate account if what has happened to me over the year.

I’ve been constructing a list of resolutions that includes

  • Being less judgemental (recognize when it happens and make a mental note to stop doing that)
  • Read more (for school and for fun)
  • School-strive to prioritize and do better
  • Get out and meet new people (but keep bonding with the friends you have already made)
  • Keep blogging
  • And finally (saving the best for last) do not use your phone when with people (especially friends) (unless getting an address or time check but nothing longer than a quick check when mandator).

So there you have it 6 things I am going to strive to do or do better in 2015. If i do not see you before the ball drops I electronically wish you a happy new year. May 15 be better than 14!


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