The day is finally here! IT’S MY ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY!!!!!

I can barely believe it a full year ago I was at school preparing for two more finals and decided that I wanted to write a weekly blog. If you had asked me then if I knew where it would go I would have been unable to tell you. In no way did I think there would be a monthly nail art segment or that I would step it up to two posts a week as well as every day in November. And I really would not have expected to have the power of posting from my iphone But all of those things did happen and so many more. For people who do not see me often I have given you a platform to keep informed on what I am up to; for people actively in my life you most likely would be able to find yourself mentioned at least once in the 96 previous posts.

rachelrecaps map

Thank you to everyone who cares enough about me or my topics to have clicked on my site. I love looking at this map and seeing all the interesting places that people have visited my site in. If you know someone in a place that is empty get them to look at this. My blog is not trying to be a viral sensation but I would love my world map to light up fully.

If you remember rachelrecaps was an idea I decided to do as a new year resolution and so as part of my resolutions for next year (and every year I keep this blog up) is to go back and read through everything I wrote. An excersize to see how much happened in a year I know it’s been a lot but going back should help me put it in perspective. I want to think I am better this year than I was last year, I am definitely not the same I hope the year has changed all of you my readers for the best.

I just want to scream and jump up and down and be happy because I made it a full year and that’s a crazy amazing accomplishment. Thank you to anyone who commented on the blog I really appreciate them. .Thank you for following my fb page the 107 of you mean a lot to me.

And thank you for all the people who I may never meet but who read me or liked my posts about nail art or what not.

I would do this even if my map was all white but the pop of color make me want to never give this up. I love you guys in what ever capacity I can.




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