Goodbye Butterfield

Today is my last day on campus and in some ways thank goodness because quiet hours have been killing me.

iphone 2 042

iphone 2 043

iphone 2 044

iphone 2 045

iphone 2 012

So at least this year the RA’s were funny about it.

Another thing I had my last day of work at butterfield 😦

So snap chats from that

iphone 2 048

iphone 2 051

iphone 2 050

iphone 2 049

And I got to sign the wall (renovations)

iphone 2 076

iphone 2 075My personal writing  “Working here was a blast, I’m gonna miss u Butterfield” _Rachel 7am

So now after all the great and not so great times I have had this semester I am just about ready to load up the car and head home to NJ were I have to finish up a final paper and submit it online before tomorrow at 5pm. I can do this. It’s been a very long stretch of time for me a struggle and though I will miss parts of the times I spent here it is definitely time for my winter break.

More to come Thursday


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