Final Adventures

This is the end if the semester for me an most of my friends. A beautiful scary stressful time for so many. There Is the wonder of not having school go a mont yeah vacation but also the scary part of finals could make or break the grade your are getting.

I should have have written a poem or something but for right now I am off campus using 3G to write this post before I forget thanks to yip more to come when I’m on wifi.

Back at school so let me continue. I told my phone (Siri) that I am stressed and this was the reply

imageNo joke my phone told me to calm down and think things over so I will do that as I fall to sleep (which fun fact is m favorite time to think about stuff)

My friend Yip “kidnapped” me into a second dinner and at this point anything to not study. then he took me off campus with a few of his friends we put some gas in the car and bought some things I stayed in the car.

It’s going to be the last day of working at butterfield for me and that is sad so tomorrow there may be a tear or two from this girl. I know I cried when leaving Jenks to come here. I love working even though neither of my jobs would be considered the ideal working opportunists they were close to perfect for me. Next semester I will be doing dishes still but in Hope dining hall which I am not excited about.

Best of luck to anyone with finals, You will be done with them soon.

imageMe and Yip on an adventure.


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