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Last post of the year

Since the calendar year is coming to an end it is time to resolve how to make next year better. Most of my experiences this year are things I can learn from. Last year I resolved to blog at least once a week and I still do that. The best part for me now about that is now I have a fairly accurate account if what has happened to me over the year.

I’ve been constructing a list of resolutions that includes

  • Being less judgemental (recognize when it happens and make a mental note to stop doing that)
  • Read more (for school and for fun)
  • School-strive to prioritize and do better
  • Get out and meet new people (but keep bonding with the friends you have already made)
  • Keep blogging
  • And finally (saving the best for last) do not use your phone when with people (especially friends) (unless getting an address or time check but nothing longer than a quick check when mandator).

So there you have it 6 things I am going to strive to do or do better in 2015. If i do not see you before the ball drops I electronically wish you a happy new year. May 15 be better than 14!

NYC Christmas day trip

I know it’s not Christmas quite yet but it is close enough that celebrations are acceptable(ish). Today I went into NYC to do a bunch of fun candy related things and all the tourist things that you have to do around this time of year.  So picture time.

iphone 2 046The first of many displays I saw (Penn Station)

iphone 2 047got a salted pretzel (an New York MUST in my opinion)

iphone 2 055 Posed with some statues (Craig took the pictures)

iphone 2 061 Grouped up with Seth Kelly and 2 other (non URI) Connecticut kids

iphone 2 063URI friends with a fake water sculpture

iphone 2 066 iphone 2 070Rockefeller Center with the tree and the ice rink. We got to see a man propose on the ice, it was so cute.

iphone 2 0755th ave window displays

iphone 2 078American Girl Store

iphone 2 080Disney store (If you are thinking of seeing Big Hero 6 Go for it!)

iphone 2 086 iphone 2 084Candy Stores

iphone 2 082

iphone 2 089I even figured out getting home.

iphone 2 090

So that was my day and now I am jamming to J Biebes Mistletoe to get in the Christmas mood. Good night


The day is finally here! IT’S MY ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY!!!!!

I can barely believe it a full year ago I was at school preparing for two more finals and decided that I wanted to write a weekly blog. If you had asked me then if I knew where it would go I would have been unable to tell you. In no way did I think there would be a monthly nail art segment or that I would step it up to two posts a week as well as every day in November. And I really would not have expected to have the power of posting from my iphone But all of those things did happen and so many more. For people who do not see me often I have given you a platform to keep informed on what I am up to; for people actively in my life you most likely would be able to find yourself mentioned at least once in the 96 previous posts.

rachelrecaps map

Thank you to everyone who cares enough about me or my topics to have clicked on my site. I love looking at this map and seeing all the interesting places that people have visited my site in. If you know someone in a place that is empty get them to look at this. My blog is not trying to be a viral sensation but I would love my world map to light up fully.

If you remember rachelrecaps was an idea I decided to do as a new year resolution and so as part of my resolutions for next year (and every year I keep this blog up) is to go back and read through everything I wrote. An excersize to see how much happened in a year I know it’s been a lot but going back should help me put it in perspective. I want to think I am better this year than I was last year, I am definitely not the same I hope the year has changed all of you my readers for the best.

I just want to scream and jump up and down and be happy because I made it a full year and that’s a crazy amazing accomplishment. Thank you to anyone who commented on the blog I really appreciate them. .Thank you for following my fb page the 107 of you mean a lot to me.

And thank you for all the people who I may never meet but who read me or liked my posts about nail art or what not.

I would do this even if my map was all white but the pop of color make me want to never give this up. I love you guys in what ever capacity I can.



Goodbye Butterfield

Today is my last day on campus and in some ways thank goodness because quiet hours have been killing me.

iphone 2 042

iphone 2 043

iphone 2 044

iphone 2 045

iphone 2 012

So at least this year the RA’s were funny about it.

Another thing I had my last day of work at butterfield 😦

So snap chats from that

iphone 2 048

iphone 2 051

iphone 2 050

iphone 2 049

And I got to sign the wall (renovations)

iphone 2 076

iphone 2 075My personal writing  “Working here was a blast, I’m gonna miss u Butterfield” _Rachel 7am

So now after all the great and not so great times I have had this semester I am just about ready to load up the car and head home to NJ were I have to finish up a final paper and submit it online before tomorrow at 5pm. I can do this. It’s been a very long stretch of time for me a struggle and though I will miss parts of the times I spent here it is definitely time for my winter break.

More to come Thursday

Final Adventures

This is the end if the semester for me an most of my friends. A beautiful scary stressful time for so many. There Is the wonder of not having school go a mont yeah vacation but also the scary part of finals could make or break the grade your are getting.

I should have have written a poem or something but for right now I am off campus using 3G to write this post before I forget thanks to yip more to come when I’m on wifi.

Back at school so let me continue. I told my phone (Siri) that I am stressed and this was the reply

imageNo joke my phone told me to calm down and think things over so I will do that as I fall to sleep (which fun fact is m favorite time to think about stuff)

My friend Yip “kidnapped” me into a second dinner and at this point anything to not study. then he took me off campus with a few of his friends we put some gas in the car and bought some things I stayed in the car.

It’s going to be the last day of working at butterfield for me and that is sad so tomorrow there may be a tear or two from this girl. I know I cried when leaving Jenks to come here. I love working even though neither of my jobs would be considered the ideal working opportunists they were close to perfect for me. Next semester I will be doing dishes still but in Hope dining hall which I am not excited about.

Best of luck to anyone with finals, You will be done with them soon.

imageMe and Yip on an adventure.

Reading days

I have a lot on my mind none of which I want to put on rachel recaps so to avoid my mind I will give you some pictures of what I have done or plan to do during reading days. ..

take a nap


watch netflix(I just went through all of American horror story coven in 2 days)


work an extra shift

This picture was taken after I had left but this is pretty much the crew I worked with all summer Thank you Ann for posting this on FB love you guys
This picture was taken after I had left but this is pretty much the crew I worked with all summer Thank you Ann for posting this on FB love you guys

paint nails

10-20 025

run ( or the gym or what ever excessive you like today I plan to do body pump)

body pump

and eventually once well rested and fed you should study I know it’s not what you want to do but pretty soon Christmas break is here


Study hard and good luck on the finals, I know I need the luck and the curves to pass all my classes this semester (curse Chemistry)  🌞💝😳📖

I’m a Chair


Of my sorority, the rush chair to be exact

I wanted to do a nice big writing thing this week but Final season is around the corned and I am really sick and that makes me sleepy and pre final stuff is more important to me. I have a chem exam tomorrow Yikes.

I never did this because I was not yet on face book but I saw one from a friend back in 2011 and I would love to see your responses. Feel free to leave them in the comments or email it to me at

1. Who the hell are you???? no but seriously who are you to me?

2. What was your very first impression of me?

3. Does this still hold up?

4. What nickname would you give me?

5. What is your favorite memory of us?

6. What is my best quality

7. What is my worst quality?

8. If you could give me anything, what would it be?

9. Say something to cheer me up please im depressed.

10. What kind of significance do i bear in your life? (if none, spare me and just say so)

If you send me one I will send you one, I can’t wait to hear your responses I may put this on my face book later but for now let’s see where the blog post gets me. Have a good finals season if I do not see you before you start taking them and may the curve ever be in your grade’s favor.


Nailed it November

I know it’s a day late but come on guys I posted for 31 days straight now so pleas be forgiving.

Nail art just a few for this month sorry about that maybe next month because I will have a good amount of time home and an Iphone to take pictures on there may be a better turn out.



Picture3sorry those were such a mess I forgot to take a picture before work



Yep that’s it and for the most part they are really simple but still beautiful. If I make it to Thursday alive ( chances of that are very good (I don’t think I will die from a sinus infection and or chem lab)) Expect another post but one that may be good again cuz it’s been a while since I had one with good writing stuff, only time will tell. Thanks for reading!!