Last day

I can’t believe November is over already this month that is so crazy and scarry and important to every college student and it flew by for me this year. To be honest the whole semester has flown by. It has not been easy and coming back from thanksgiving break to suffer through a week of classes before reading days and finals and then a month off. I somehow managed to do a 50K NaNo this year do not ask me how I won’t be able to tell you. Now if I can manage to not fail my classes I will know that I really can do everything. (except live with my best friend and expect what the people I love to do (Turns out the cards are not in my favor on those things))

With everything coming so close to an end I have to really bunker down and focus. I will miss doing daily posts but at the same time it is something of a relief. How do people come up with things to write everyday for years straight I want to know because I feel a bit tapped out after this 30 day stretch. Tomorrow I will put up the very few nail art pics I have from this month (Please understand there were more important things going on than my nails) I will return to the Monday Funday, Thoughts from Thursday post schedule.

Novermber I will miss it and I will not. I need to finish up my term paper so for now that is all I have.

Thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I appreciate it so much more than I can express. It’s been a month and if you read all of the months worth of posts you know it has been.


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