NaNo Day 29: Family Time

So this post is pretty much exactly my life right now but i am 4 pages into a 10 page term paper due Tuesday. I know it’s a cop out to use a Julia post as my daily but give me a break it’s so perfect for me righ now, I obviously should prioritize better so this would not happen but hey I finished nan crossing that 50k word count a little before the deadline. So now if I can pass my classes ( not an easy task right now chem and soils) I will be reminded that I can do much more than I think I can. This may be my last year of nano but I will go into the details of that another day I just do not know if it is the best way for me to use my time and creative energy but only time will tell.

Julia the Writer Girl

I’m writing today’s post on my phone because I’m at some relatives’ house and I’m too cozy in bed to go ask them for the wifi password, so apologies in advance for any extra typos or anything.

I spent most of yesterday in the car on the way here, but I got very little work of any kind done, so I’m starting to get nervous for this term paper. (I’m 1.5 of 12 pages in and it’s due Tuesday. Um.)

Fingers crossed I manage to get the majority of that written somehow on the drive home tomorrow?

Meanwhile: Thanksgiving dinners are finally done for the year and I officially need to get back into exercising regularly, I’m spending the day hanging with relatives, and we’re supposedly going to check out a cool bookstore today.

If you’re still battling through the end of NaNoWriMo, YOU CAN DO IT! Get off my…

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