Today I switched to my iphone which I surprisingly seem to like so far I have learned a lot like how to start a text message conversation and how to check the amount of data I have used. I have downloaded a few select apps starting with the very fun snapchat. As well as charity run, MTV, facebook, messenger, yahoo mail, spotify. I want to make sure to not put too much time wasting stuff on my phone but if there are must have apps I do not yet know about I would love to hear about them. I know there at least used to be an app that was through unicef and it donated water to children in need but I can’t find it in the app store so if someone knows what it is called or if it still exists I would love to hear about it.


I am pretty sure I will have moments that I miss the flip phone I know for a fact that I will like every month when my credit card gets charged for the services of unlimited texting and a large amount of calls to compliment the data that is seriously over priced. I feel like now that I am paying so much for stuff in my phone that will not roll over I will feel more obligated to call home and call my relatives. I will with out a doubt text and snap chat I love snap chat already. I want to do great things so if there are charity apps that you guys use tell me about them I want to use them too.

I will every once in a while give you guys a phone update becuase right now I am so clueless it’s funny. I had to ask my little brother how to start a text message conversation and how to screen shot a snap and to my neighbor Ewa I would not have an activated phone with out you because I do not have my own wifi.
I had to set up so much today between the phone it’s self and the payment for that phone. I know that realistically trackphone my previous provider will not really miss me but in a way I feel like I have betrayed them though it was time I need this or so I tell myself I was able to keep my number but next time I may not be able to so my beautiful number ending in 4419 that rings like a beautiful bell off my tongue so easily could dissapear and no longer be mine. I plan to have this phone for a minimum of two years though if I really hate it I can leave at any time but I really do not think I will.

My personal goal is to not fall into the pattern that so many of my peers have which is becoming so dependent on their phone, to the point where the person can not walk to class with out looking at the screen or talking to a friend or parent on the phone. I am in college a beautiful short time where there are hundreds of people around me pretty much all the time so I want to take advantage of that. Also if I become a droid to the technology please hit me and I am not joking when I say that I want to be smacked to remember that there was a point when I did not need this and just because I have it does not mean I must use it at all times.

The IOS 4s rapped in a broken case that so perfectly looks like me (it broke in the mail and would cost more to send back than the refund I would get for sending it back) So even though there was some stress about swithcing phones and numbers and how to pay for all of this now that it is done I would say it was by far all worth it very good day. Off to sleep or should I say write until I fall asleep.

Congradulations to Julia and anyone else who has completed their NaNoWriMo 2014.

My Current Word Count:   43640

I would love to stay up and finish but more likely I will finish it during the macy’s day parade when it comes on TV what a full circle, I will post again tomorrow till then stay safe stay warm and if you feel the need get some rest.

Snapshot_20141126_1“so call me maybe”


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