My Body Image

In less than an hour I will be on the road to New Jersey my home state. It’s weird I am feeling very mixed about going home I need to do this; get away from campus and the URI people for a few days but going “home” is something that is less exciting every minute. I like my family but they cause me a great deal of stress and I have to do so much work over the break so I can (hopefully) pass my chem class and also write the term paper that is due when I get back from turkey day.

As a vegetarian I will say nothing more on the note of animals in this post.

Today I went to the gym for body pump (Squats with weights) my regular Tuesday work out but I looked in the mirror and felt thin. I know that nothing has changed but it felt really good. I am very confident about my body but I do not think of myself as thin (I know I am but I don’t think I am) I blame the media but that does not matter it is what it is I love the way I looked today all sweaty and gross in green spandex and baggy shorts with a purple URI Tshirt. My hair haphazardly tossed into a low ponytail with so many fly aways that would float around as I went through the motions of squatting.

I guess what I want to get across is that you are beautiful no matter what shape or size and once you see that everyone else will too. I had thought that being okay with what I looked like (enough to go out in a bikini or wear a crop top) was enough but I didn’t think I was as good looking as I now think I am. This feeling will most likely be gone when I get back to school because the holiday I am going home for is all about family and food so good bye body image and hello new gym. Even if I never feel this good again I am glad to have felt it once and it should happen again some times, I will always have this post to look at.

Safe travels to all and good luck with the traffic.


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