Songs I Can’t Stop Listening to

This post is a funday Monday post so short and sweet is what I am aiming for. I am going to post five songs that I love (and for the most part I love the bands that they are from) to death but not many people know exist.

I have heard this song over 200 times in the last two days and that is not an exaduration I have a repeat counter on it’s not a problem, (what is a problem is I am starting to get sick of it.) If you like this song I recommend the short film I Ship It worth the twenty minutes.

This one is by a band I only know because I saw them live once in a theme park totally random free really good I bought their EP this song was not on it but I love it. my mom’s advice is not to sing the choirs in the super market take a listen and you will know why.

Another person I saw only once he opened for a local venue that was quite fun I spent the day with my writing friend Lillie H. This is Anson Li with one of the cutest songs on this list “I Swear”

I found this band Said the Whale earlier this year and the people that were around me and especally the one who was living with me knows about them I put up one of their songs a while back but here is another one.

This is a really great band to listen to if you want a bitter back handed up beat sort of thing. I love like all of their stuff (i’ts only about ten songs) this one has a meaning I need to think about and use as a personal goal to work towards. this is the OH WELLS with let it go.

So I will be posting from NJ tomorrow or Wednesday if I have a great blog idea before I leave to go home for break. Either way safe travels to anyone who will be moving form place to place. Hope these tunes make you as happy as I do, I could go on forever with little nobody bands because they are my favorite thing to listen to. If you see this list and think of something I would like leave me a comment I would love to hear what you guys are listening to.


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