My Sincere Appologies

I want to say sorry for the post that went up so late last night. I spent the day doing other things and I had planned to write up a post after viewing Avenue Q. I knew the post would be going up late but thinking about it I should keep working on my goal of think through your actions. I had wanted to spend the rest of the night with Justin and so the blog post would have been difficult to get up in time regardless.

On the note of Justin I had a conversation with him last night that I feel was really good for us. I don’t know how many of the readers I have are people I consider good friends I assume it is almost all of them (If you are not one of those people who knows me well feel free to comment and make your self known to me. That would be cool). I have a tendency of using the word sorry faster than I should. It is not just me who has this tendency I know loads of people who tend to say sorry before they really know what they are apologizing for.

It is one of those weird human things where a person says for example “my cat was hit by a car” and the other person says “sorry”. Chances are you are not sorry you had absolutely nothing to do with the cat’s injuries. So you can at best be passively sorry for the other person’s loss. At least for me a large portion of the time when I say sorry as a gut reaction it is just a word.

Most people will not call you out for being over apologetic even if they are fake apologizes I believe I have only ever called out one or maybe two people on doing this and I can only remember Justin telling it to me. Sorry is one of those things that is tricky I have had my mom tell me I do not sympathies or use sorry enough and so I try to find the perfect medium between what my mom feels I should do and over use the word to a point of it having no meaning and using the word so scarcely giving it a level of reserved respect along with the curse words.

The compromise I am thinking of reaching is that I will use sorry as much as I want and when I genuinely mean to apologize I will extend my sincere apologizes and have a reason to do so. This is primarily something I have to do with Justin my ex boyfriend but I think I like the idea enough to make it applicable to everyone.

Thank you for reading and learning about me. For all the “friends” I have that just do not want to read these they are missing out on a direct line into my thoughts and those of you who do read you may know way too much about me.

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon I will be spending mine writing nano and a term paper and debating weather taking a nap or crying are acceptable things to do


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