Ave. Q

The higlight of y day was following through on a plan I had with my ex boyfriend Justin. We ahd said that we would go to the musical together and my least favorite part of people leaving my life is when we do not follow through on things that we had planned. So thank you Jusitn for at not breaking every part of my heart.

Avenue Q was really good it is a musical with puppets and when people say that it is like a sesame street for real life it’s a accurate account.

I know that i am writing this a bit late I was just at the show and then I walked Justin back to one of his friends rooms and then I did a film thing with my gorham groupies and now I am writning this post on Craig’s computer. I may go back and fix this post to make it better and all aroud a good post but the take away is I am busy as always. and spent the night with Justin and other friends.

The mornign was spent with my sigma sisters who did service by raking up around a pig rescue farm and then I spent hours in the library working on the soil project. I have only done 2K nano today s othat extra 4K that I want to do may not happen and tomorrow I need to write my term paper first draft but we will see what happens for now good night and good dreams.


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