Mockingjay a year away

I can tell you right now that there will be no spoilers in this post due to the fact that I have not seen the movie. This is not because I was unable to get tickets of find friends that wanted to go but rather because I do not want to see it. At least not yet.
For ever since the Harry Potter franchise made book seven into a two part movie (7 P1 and 7 P2) I rergretted paying for two movies and even worse I regretted waiting for a year in order to see the rest of the movie to see the ending.
So when Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn decided to do a two part thing as well to follow the footsteps of the highly successful Harry Potter move I had learned from my mistake. As a huge fan of Twilight (My phone for crying out loud is covered in a eclipse sticker) basically no one thought I would be able to wait the year in order to see all the movies together but I did it. So when “Breaking Dawn Pare 2” came out my mom took me out of school for most of the day and we watched twelve hours (because there were breaks for food and bathroom and trivia) of Twilight. Never before had I felt like I was in a placed I belonged. And I got to see a really good final chapter of one of a book to movie franchise that I really enjoyed.

I have not seen any of the hobbit movies and Until next time when the “Part 2” of Mocking jay comes out I will just have to wait. So this time next year be ready for a full out review of a very long movie and expect there to be a very good costume on my part. I hope that in a year I will still be doing this blog, I like to think with out a doubt that I will be but a lot can change in a year considering how much can change in just a few weeks.

NANO Goals: 15K this weekend

3K Tonight

Current count: 27852


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