Mason Jar

It is a Thursday the most important day for me when it comes to blogging. Quick daily update it was a busy slightly frustrating day but the by far worst part of it I have written a story about. I dropped mason jar, it was my favorite way to carry water and drink from it but oh well. I had it since Columbus day weekend and this was the first time I dropped it so short story long I want a new one and here is a story poem thing from the POV of the jar.

Mason Jar Murder

Shatter and break into a large multitude of rather small fragments

My clear exterior separated for the first time in my life

I make the ugliest noise I can when I hit the black top

The quarter of a cup of life source liquid that I was holding on to spills

Turning the dry assault I touch to a darker wet state

My metaphorical blood pooling into a small puddle

My murderer takes the biggest piece of my dismantled body

The part that has some dignity

The piece that has a cap on

And like the greedy god awful being she is starts to remove my silver circle

Making her dirty hands contact both my innards and outers simultaneously.

I feel invaded with my last bit of feeling

She is picking my dead skeleton for its last treasure and discards the rest.

Leaving the majority of me on the blacktop to sit out and rot

No chance of reincarnation

No chance of a new owner

My life was cut short from the carelessness of a person

A person who does not even care enough to hide the body.

Snapshot_20140619This is a sibling to the dead mason jar may it rest in peace.


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