Sleep tonight (Why I NaNo)

It is very tempting to just put in links to videos that are about sleep songs like wide awake and don’t wake me up but I feel like there are other things I need to share with my beautiful readers. I am quite done though I have managed to get caught up to an acceptable place in all my classes so I can actually get in like 6-8 hours of sleep much better than the 3-5 I have been getting every single night for a week and a half.
So nano let’s just say I am 8K behind and that is because I am trying but it is not the most important thing in my life. Honestly I envy anyone who was wise enough to know that there is NO TIME FOR NANOWRIMO as a college student November is a rather inconvenient time. If you want to know why I have not quit yet there is a multitude of reasons for that. I do not like quitting. As a person I am super dependable, I get overloaded often because I love being involved and in my head have this idea that I can totally do EVERYTHING. People keep telling me that I can not do “everything” so that drives me to want to prove them wrong so much more that before.
Another thing I would not have started doing NaNo if it were not for my idol Julia the writer girl this is my third year participating and I feel that it is a sacred ritual that I would not want to miss out on participating it. My first year was a trial I only had one week and in that week (because I didn’t really think of doing NaNo I barely even knew what it was and then on Thanksgiving I realized I need to write a novel even though I do not believe I am a good writer or I have time or an idea to make into a book I knew I needed to do this.) Last year I somehow managed to do it; I wrote my fifty thousandth words in thirty days and It was an amazing feeling that work is Collin and Jade. A little book that I spend the next eight months on and off working on to make it a half decent first draft that I am willing to show people. The 75K words that I have strung together to become a murder mystery teen romance make me so proud even though I am not the hugest fan of the final first draft product I will always respect authors more now. It is really difficult to write a book and to do the first 50K in a month is not an easy task but it is definitely manageable.

In order for me to get back on track this weekend will largely be spent with me doing writing for this silly story that I love as a concept but I an seriously struggling to get down on word doc. My weekend goal is 15000 words. I know this sounds ambitious because it is but if i can do at least a thousand a night today and tomorrow 3K Friday and 6K for both Saturday and Sunday I will be ahead of scheduled and the weekend plans are very light because the quidditch season has ended.

I am putting up these huge goals on this blog because in a weird way I feel more obligated to do things if I tell a lot of people via the internet. I don’t know what it is but there is this feeling of owing you something due to the fact I said I would do something and you now have digital proof of it.

So this weekend (Assuming I do more than sleep) Will have to be highly productive when I take a writing break it will hopefully be to do homework (like start the term paper that is due Dec. 2 or study for the chem practical on the 3rd or the exam on the 5th oh chemistry why do you want to kill me.)

Yeah so I don’t know if this post actually got anything across but in summary I was trying to say:

I need to catch up on sleep and writing

This weekend I am doing hella amounts of word count writing

I am doing NaNo for a few reasons including the love of writing and the need for crazy in my life

Also side note stay warm it’s starting to get cold up here in RI.

Current word count:25910


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