Call Me Dirt Mouth

Please don’t/ But I think I first need to tell you why my new nickname is dirt mouth.

Over the weekend at quidditch regionals  I had a non serious injury and one of the players on the team King James decided to give us all nicknames based off our injuries so there is concussion boy, Mr. Concussion and something about a dislocated shoulder. By far I have the funniest name and one of the least serious injuries.

I decided to tackle a guy who was taller than me and about twice my size when it comes to shoulder to shoulders. Well this guy from Saracuse had the ball and I decided I wanted to “catch him off guard and get the ball back in ridgeback possession. So I charged the guy and he with one hand shoved me to the ground.

I luckly fell to a knee before my face too the entire fall. I stayed down for a short time and then got back up. Getting upp made me realize how much was in and all over my face and that I could not run. I was so shook up I started waving my broom and the game play was stopped. I wanted to get a sub and the stop of game play was good meaning I could have a sub with out running out.

A concussion question test was given I passed it, then the EMT got me to swish some water in my mouth to get the dirt out from my upper and lower lip. Then they thought I could have a bloody nose so I blew into a tissue and they determined it was just dirt in my nose. So yeah lots of dirt on my face in my nose and mouth and knee. But the good news is I could have been hurt so much worse.

When writing this post I kept thinking about the way in the lord of the flies when Piggie introduces himself and says he does not want to be called Piggie but by saying that first there is no chance for him to say his real name. I hope you can tell my name is Rachel and that is made somewhat clear by it being the first word in my blog’s site name.

To sum up I love quidditch as dangerous as it is.

Shameless plug, if you live on campus and either want to support the team or just have some frozen yogurt come out and support. Thursday (11-20) night 4-8pm at orange lear URI Emporium.



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