Health Inspector

Last night I happened to stay up rather late (so my new normal time to go to sleep around 1:30 in the morning) with my previous roommate current suit mate Courtney. It was just one of those things where being in the same room and talking made the time fly by incredibly fast. We bonded over T Swift music and tried to do homework.

As for today I know It’s Monday and you deserve funday Monday but I don’t know what to tell you I can’t think of anything good to do the one I wanted to do would be wildly inappropriate for me now so I am just going to talk about myself. (Meaning nothing new for this blog.)

By default Miranda wins a webkinz code, she will be contacted about receiving it if she wants it.

Today I woke up and went to work nothing new there but with about an hour left in my shift I found out that the health inspector was checking us out and so the whole dish room got much more tense. Every dish was crubbed so hard with shaking fingers and every time a person moved to a new place even if nothing was being handled they washed their hands and put on new gloves.  As far as I know we passed but if not I am sure you will be hearing about it.

I have to send back a phone case because it arrived to me broken and that is frustrating.

For dinner I had some of the best tofu of my life.

I have started watching the TV show the 100 on netflix it’s good very much like the book.

I watched all of the bravest warriors web show over the weekend cat but is so cute here is a best of catbug video.

If this makes no sense to you that is okay; I met the boy who voices cat bug and wasted both his and his moms time to have them try to explain it to me. it’s just a fun show good not always logical accept that and it’s fun for a few hours and then when you wrap that up if you have recommendations I would not mind hearing them.

Other stuff is happening I guess but this is what I am giving you today maybe tomorrow i will tell you about my new nickname. Yeah that sounds like a plan some time this week that will happen

Till then happy reading and writing

My current nano word count is: 21705


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