Guest post 2

This one is not writen by me but it is quite important to me, I asked Justin my very recent ex boyfriend to help me out becuase we are both writers and I like his stuff and I have helped him out by reading on his radio show. So he sent me a short story that he wrote a little while back. This was the first piece of his that he ever shared with me; it was the first weekend we knew each other and he opened up enough to read me some of his writing so that is pretty awesome and I am only going to put in the poem within the short story because that is what he has requested.
Justin if you are reading I appreciate the help and overall involvement in my life. No matter what happened it was def worth it and I would do like 96% of it the same way if I was given the chance to go back and try again.

So Poem time

“The Girl”

Though the café was empty

And her company was bare

I did not speak to the girl

Sitting in my chair

Though we were alone

And our hands inches from touch

My inhibitions fettered me down

And kept my words in a crutch

My charm was rationed

And my attractiveness did cease

That my tongue was so tied

And the room kept its peace

And her beauty was honest!

And my intentions were pure

I feared she saw straight through me

And would resist my allure

Though a goddess had pervaded my presence

Though Athena had joined me for sure

I did not welcome her inside

My soul not subject to her voyeur

I thought of the words I might say to her

Fearing that what might unveil

Perhaps would come from my stomach

O, how does our race prevail!

So There you have it, if you want to listen into Justin’s radio show I have posted that info below. I send work in occasionally to him and enjoy listening so if you like me (or him) or student writing I world say give it a listen.



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