Guest Post 1

This is an edited version of a slam poem written by Abbie H. I love the unedited version but it is a bit too mean for me to feel comfortable posting to you guys. I am doing who knows what at the time this gets posted because it is pre destined to post. Have a good weekend I am assuming I am having a good one.

Yo I know a bitch who I think is a dick. But I can’t say that because I hate when female connotative names are used as discriminatory words. But still…. Bamn, SHABLAM! Shit damn wow. People need to stop hatin and start lovin. However when the world ends from global warming because humanity is stupid, lovin won’t really matter. I love love. But hate always tends to win no matter what a movie ending tells us. I just try to go with the flow and not interrupt anyone else’s groove. Like the emperors. Poop Hot damn. One of my favorite sayings is “give me a hot second” I have always pictured saying it to my math professor for some reason. POP SNAP and don’t forget the CRACKAL. But back to this bitch, by any other name would smell as bitch. Bitch ho hot damn. Light through yonder window bitch. Also Juliet was a slut and Romeo a stalker. Like the main characters in any Stephany Meyers book. Iron, Irony, Ironic, I rail, I wrote, I will, I do. Marriage. Why the fuck people tryin to put a ring on it and pop the offspring so fast. Hot damn. Like for real at least 5 people I went to high school with already married with kids. And I can barely remember to wash my towel and sheets. Cat. Entertainment. Meow. Bitch. Only book you can own dictionary. Then you can make your own books. BOOM. Bet your minds blown now. PJ party is a hot minute party. Also look up what a Rubik’s Cube party is, have one and invite me. Because I have always always always wanted to go to one. You do me a solid I do you one. That saying always makes me think of poop. But for real invite me to that partay-tay. Okay Lovin, Hatin. Pooooooppppp Hot damn. Done. Slam. Boom. Pop. Bitch.

So that was Abbie for you a whole lot harsher that what I write, hope you liked it or at least like my stuff enough to not be scared off by this.


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