I am going to be hitting the road heading to New York in less than an hour for quidditch regionals so this is super exciting. I have done most of my packing and planned out two very different guest posts for you (my readers) tomorrow will be a slam poem from the very amazing previous roommate Abbie and then on Sunday you can get a taste of Justin’s poetry.

Because of their posts being poems I will also give you a poem so poetry weekend. (If you want I can make that a think, it could be fun)

I wrote this like a year and a half ago and it’s about why I write. so I think I need to remember that while doing NaNo this year which by the way I am at 16100ish right now so yeah behind but this weekend I am going to try to get back on track.

Poem time

Letters to words,

An endless drone of talk and chat and hollow promises.

Words aloud a spoken art

are degraded

and lost

in the air only moments after getting out

being set free To die silently a moment later.

But written words are more permanent.

Not necessarily forever but longer than a second.

To be recorded and remembered by many to express and to record.

The written word the power of the person

a million times more memorable than the spoken one.

And that is why we must write.

And I didn’t give you a photo of me last night so to make up for that

Snapshot_20141113_1Me very sleepy and eating old popcorn like days old. #college


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