B Positve

If you have been reading you definitely know I have not been having a very good week and you may have figured out that it was because of a boy I really liked deciding we will no longer be dating. I think it is fair to say that I did not take this well at first but after just a few days things have gotten multitudes better. Being forced to see Justin at the filming session (I needed for my film project)and then later that night at the SAS (student action for sustainability) meeting and well every time I see him it’s easier.

This weekend I will be in Rawchester NY for quidditch regionals and because of that Saturday and Sunday’s posts will be written by Courtney and Abbie the girls I lived with last year. (Tomorrow may be a guest post as well but I haven’t had anyone come to me about the opportunity.) This is the first of two or three times I will say that I accept guest posts from anyone and will most likely use them but I am not endorsing them as my opinions or works I love to hear your work email it to me at okeefer19@yahoo.com if you have a piece you want me to feature.

I was telling Justin when I saw him today that I am doing better every day and that is true I am doing a few hundred times better today than two days ago in the sad emotion department. I have made two head bands cryed enough to fill about half a mason jar with my tears and complained a good deal but because of that and my general person I am much more stable now. I was telling him that part of why I am such a happy person (in my oppinion because I have no scientific proof on this or anything ) is my blood type; B+ so when i have doubts I just need to listen to what my veins are pumping through me that message of B positive sending it from my center all through me up to my head and down to my toes.

Call me crazy or think this is stupid but it is definitely something that helps me knowing that from the moment I was born to the moment I die my blood will always be positive or else I will be dead soon. (If I get a bad transfusion of like AB- it would kill me.)

Yep so that is all for now I may post tomorrow but if not be ready for some beautiful guest posts that will be a bit of a change from hearing about me 30 days straight. which i love doing but for all of us this may be a good thing.


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