Edit Away

I am currently writing this post on a Mac book pro which is different. If you know me I have never been one of those people who had mac and i things. Truthfully I have avoided them but over Thanksgiving break I will be switching to an iPhone 4S so that will be cool I guess. And this computer is not mine, it is a loaner from the Harrington Hub, I need it to do some editing for my film project this is the third of four projects.

This will most likely be a very late night for me to get this project done on time I will just stay up as late as I need to. If you were wondering today was far better than yesterday (on the emotional forefront.) Me and Justin are working towards being friends and by that I mean I am getting over him so we can be friends the way he wants us to be.
My previous roommate Miranda is getting back to being my friend which is an amazing feeling. So overall things are looking up. I will be in NY this weekend playing mad amounts of quid ditch so just in case I am going to pre write the posts for this weekend and then they will auto publish as needed.

While I spend the night cutting this together for project 3 starring Shannon form my sorority and Justin (yes the boy who just broke up with me) it’s a cute little story that should be 3 minutes but may be more like 5 by the time I finish.

I am adding in the links for the first two film projects starring Abbie my roommate form last year.

And Abbie (the same one from last year) accompanies by Miranda and Courtney. I like to cast the people who live with me.

I have been avoiding Nano not because I want to but because I have so much more important stuff and I have spent my spare time crying or sleeping recently so now that i should do less crying I may do some but this may not be one of my year. And that is okay I will have done better than some and my writing on this is so poor because my time to write is so lithe and i want to just be like “If I sleep less but I am sleeping only four hours a night to get my school work done so I would have to all together stop sleeping all the time to win at this point. So we’ll see what happens. Thanks for reading. I would greatly appreciate comments of encouragement for nano or school I need it for both. Also the webkinz code comments raffle is going to be drawn for friday night so you still have time.


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