Rings and things

I wear very little jewelry I have my ears pierced and almost always have fun earrings in and then I also wear one ring all the time. occasionally I will put in the effort to wear a necklace but I only have a few of those here at school because I know I don’t want to put that much effort into matching all the jewelry.

This post is about the meaning of the jewelry I wear.

The cartalige piercing is something I did to be rebellious against my mom and because I like the way it looks. My base earrings are changed on a day to day basis to match what I am wearing and that is something I find fun.

My choices in necklaces are a strawberry that reminds me of Julia the writer girl and our matching hats that I made us.

The other one is a letter R that matches the letter M that Miranda bought with me on the best walmart trip ever. I wear it more than I thought I would.

I wear a watch, a donate life live strong (because my dad has a kidney transplant and so organ donation is a close to home subject.) I wear  2 friendship bracelets from  Courtney and Abbie the girls I lived with last year an elastic for my hair and an Alex and Ani silver charm with the earth and a finger print behind it called make your mark. So those all have meaning to me.

As for my ring it has a lot of meaning, it is a Claddagh from Ireland (it has my birthstone and everything)Hawaii 708

The idea behind this love ring is to indicate where your love loyalty and friendship are. The heart represents love and depending on the orientation of the ring the heart with the crown are either facing out or in. the outward facing feature indicates what the world is recieving so currently my heart simbol is out because I am single. Last week my crown was out because I was loyal to one person. And the hands that hold the whole ring together are representing friendsip. I thought I was dating my best friend and now I feel like I have lost one boy friend 2 best friends and a fun buddy this semester. Three people that meant a fair deal to me have changed their roll in my life very dramatically in the last month and change.

If you saw on fb the post about how bad my day was and want to give me a hug please do I would love a hug from every single person who reads this and many more.

I hope you found that interesting if nothing else.

If I felt more up to it there would be more pictures but I just can’t right now. Off to sleep in a few hours. No class tomorrow that should be nice.

Nano recommended:

current word count:13370



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