How to Avoid Sadness

I am not ready to talk about my day yet because so much has happened.

I think I need to write about some great ways to avoid being sad.

Webkinz is a good one, if you are too old to remember webkins I can explain it’s this website where you use the code you get from the stuffed animal. The website consisted of a whole bunch of semi educational games that were really fun and everything was colorful you moved around the world with your avatar animal making sure it was fed and bathed and had a beautiful house, kind of like club penguin but I personally liked it better. Well last year me and my roommates got really stressed and decided to use the site as a way to avoid studying. So today I went on and if you were wondering how much one costs the good news is you don’t even need to pay to play anymore there are levels of membership and the lowest one if free so feel free to sign in to your webkinz account it is most likely better than you remember unless you went on like yesterday.

hippo 2hippo 1

Music find something really happy that makes you feel a little better even if just for a few minutes a artists I really love to pump up my mood are Andy Grammar, Lee Dewyze, Michael Buble and a great big world. If this works I will link you to my positivity Spotify playlist. ( i don’t have time to figure this out becausespotify it is ten minutes till midnight. so here is a screen shot of my playlist.)

Netflix A bit more time consuming but highly effective (Just like hydro pump (Yes I am using a Pokémon reference)) Tonight I watched the first episode of Video Game high school. If you do not have Netflix my advice is to get on Netflix weather that means you pay for it yourself or you find a friend to steal from a friend. (and by steal I mean ask for the password or just get them to give it to you because they feel bad for you) and if that does not seem like a good plan youtube is an acceptable alternative.


Knitting: This is not for everyone but for me at least I find knitting very relaxing and a good stress reliever so I will try to knit through my problems which never works but I do wind up with a nice scarf or hat and feel less stressed about the problem that is still there. (this pic reminded me of something i dreamed about.) (If you are previous roommate Miranda this sadness means you will soon be getting either a knitted head band or knitted mittens. I will contact you soon about your concentration prize)

lobster hat

What do you recommend for avoiding sadness.

Also if you want to get a free webkinz code to give you an intermediate membership for a year leave a comment and I will raffle one off (you will not be receiving the stuffed animal because for me to do that I would have to ship it from home which would mean my mom has to and that’s not fair.) I will draw for it on Friday night.


2 thoughts on “How to Avoid Sadness

  1. Hey Rachel, thanks for the shout out. I’m sorry you’re feeling sad. Whenever I’m sad I always take a nap and usually feel better after. And if I don’t feel better after that, then I try to get my mind off of it by going to the gym or playing video games.
    Feel better!

  2. Thank you so much for reading it means more than any thing to me righ now. I need to hang out with you so much I miss you and there is so much tention between us that should not be there. Thank you for being part of my life ❤ with no classes tomorrow i plan on sleeping a lot

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