Parent’s Weekend

My family did not come up for parents weekend but my boyfriends family did so I got to meet them.

This morning I was so nervious about meeting Justin’s parents that I put on more mascara every time I walked around my room. By the time I went to breakfast it looked like I had fake eyelashes, mostly because I use blue mascara. Justin had left his glasses so I tried them on and must say they are good looking on everyone. (Part of why I liked him in the beginning was those glasses.)


I think it went well though I have become fb friends with one of them and got to read on Justin’s radio show

Justin Radio

So this parent’s weekend I got to meet some parents that are not mine, eat really good dining hall food (When the parent’s come to visit the food gets so much better) and go shopping with one of my sorority sisters at walmart and savers for snacks and shoes to donate to charity. It’s been a good day now it’s time to either do soils homework or write for nano. either way both have to get done so I am ready for a late night.

NaNo average :13333

My Current Count:7400


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