Day light Saving Time

My understanding of daylight savings time after reading the Wikipedia article on it. I have always just sort of accepted that DST is an annoying part of life but why? So the concept of moving your clock either forward or backwards an hour in order to make the most of the day light hours works pretty well. (Except when it gets pitch dark at like 5pm or you wake up in the morning to walk to school and the sun is still nowhere in sight) But for the most part I don’t have complaints.

Germany and Austria-Hungry were the first places to participate in the DST in 1916 but the concept did not become a widely practiced thing until the energy crisis in the 1970’s. It no longer seems to be the most energy effective because people do more than use lights now we stay up late into the night on the wonderful websites like Netflix.

I want to apologize for only giving you two tiny paragraphs but I am far too tired to do this correctly. If you want to comment please do if you and to yell at me please do (I may do a better on nano that way.)

On the note of nano Thank you Wade for getting me to write a little over 1000 words in 20 minutes today. This weekend I plan to get back on track

Current word count 5599

Nano recommended goal: 10000

So more than half way to where I should be and only day six so yeah being this far behind sucks, if you’re a nanowrimoer keep up the good work and I hope to see you at the finish line.



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